Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's a nip in the air................

With the first month of Autumn arrived I have decided to make a quilt. It's not an  " arty " quilt, its a hand pieced, old fashioned scrap quilt. These Moroccan tea glasses were the inspiration for my colours. For me, the colours of Autumn  seem to be warmer and richer, as the harsh Summer heat seems to  bleach all the colour out of every thing. 
These are my fabrics......pinks for the stars and tulips and blue/greens for the background.

The pattern I have chosen is called Cottage Tulips. Each block is made up of an 8 pointed star in the middle and 8 tulips around the edge.
Once you have made the 8 pointed star and the 8 tulips you sew the blue background to the stars and then the tulips to the blue background. You end up with a circular block which you then applique onto a 12 inch square of cream background.
Wish me luck with it's completion....... I have started quilts before and have not finished them....... note to self,     'finish off the 3 quilts at bottom of sewing cupboard  !! '