Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea On Tuesday..........Green Apples

So much green lately ! Two recent projects were all about olive green and lime green and today I'm talking about apple green ! We have this old Granny Smith apple tree in our front yard, and this year with all the beautiful winter rain it has been loaded with big, green, juicy, " sour " apples. It does have the whitest,crispest flesh tho, and once picked lasts for ages and is fantastic for cooking with. This variety of apple was planted just by chance as a single seedling in 1860 by Maria Ann Smith in New South Wales. It is very common and popular in Australia, but most foreigners are wary of it, having serious doubts about eating a "not ripe" green apple.
So for tea today I have made a rum, raisin,walnut,apple cake..........dense, moist and delicious; and what am I drinking with it.........green tea of course, with Jasmine petals.

The other thing I wanted to share today was my warm glow of gratitude and appreciation
 I experienced yesterday. Don't you love it when someone surprises you with something special and thoughtful, some little unexpected thing. I purchased a small bundle of beautiful hand-dyed seam binding from an on line store called Tattered Inspirations, and it arrived in the post in the usual bubble envelope.......but !..........it was what was inside that was special. It was a brown paper package tied up with string, decorated beautifully with a doily, gorgeous vintage tags, pretty fabric flowers and soft pink seam binding................thank you so much Carol. xx 

So todays post has been a bit reminiscent of that Sound of Music song "My Favourite Things".........."brown paper packages tied up with string", and "crisp apple strudel"......only I had "moist apple cake".lol. Have a great day and if you would like to join us for Tea on Tuesday visit Art in Red Wagons.  


  1. What a wonderful package to recieve! Your cake looks divine! Green is one of my favorite colors.
    Also your green teacup is beautiful. Hope you have a very happy Tea-day!

  2. Your cake looks scrumptious! it truly does. I love that teacup as well. What a nice homey photo of good things for the soul.
    Happy T on T

  3. You have a beautiful blog here!!!! So glad I found you - your photos are lovely!!

  4. You take the most beautiful photos, and today is no exception.

    Right now I'm drinking some T2, really enjoying the hint of mango. I really love the look of your apple cake, although I'm not usually fond of granny smith apples. And the cup you fixed your tea in is super!. Have a great Tea Tuesday, dear friend.

  5. gorgeous and yummy tea! and granny smiths are the best for baking!! lovely package!! happy tea day!

  6. How awesome! It's amazing how such a small, thoughtful gesture can really make someones day. I'm off to visit her Esty store now.

  7. Shoot, i love getting packages.

    That's junk that I didn't get a package yesterday.

    I guess I can be happy that you did.
    not sure.

    Anyway, enjoy your tea, and know that
    I freakin
    green apples.

    they put the red ones to shame.

    and it's not even Fair to the yellow ones which are just plain


  8. I love granny smith apples ... And what a fun bit of trivia to now that they come from a real "Granny Smith" in Australia! I'm glad for you that the rains are plentiful .... I'm sure you count that as a favorite thing too :)

  9. Your cake looks and sounds absolutely wonderful! Nice package :)
    Grannies are my favourite got some snap to them! Happy T day.

  10. Beautiful tea cup, delicious cake, and an inspiring package...life is good! Happy Tuesday!

  11. Love your green theme today. Stunning teacup and YUMMY cake!!!! You had me at "rum" and "raisin". heehee. Brown paper and string are some of my favorites too. I'm in the mood for a mountain top twirl... ;)

  12. Oh yummmm to that cake, it looks delicious!! What a fabulous way to package something up from a store... everything can be used again!! Love your tea cup, it is gorgeous!! Happy T Tuesday!!

  13. such delightful post dear Gayle
    and your cake looks absolutely scrumptious

    anything would taste better in a beautiful apple green cup like that!

    now singing 'a few of my favorite things'...hmm hm hmmmm

  14. I don't know why but your post today made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. Maybe it is the wonderful photos.. Or maybe just thinking about warm apple cake, with a cup a tea.. what ever it is "THANKS".. Such a lovely post...

    Hugs, Linda

  15. oo how i love a good, crisp, sour apple! yours look lovely! and that tea cup!!! gorgeous! happy t day!

  16. Oh my...that tea cup is so beautiful!! As well as the goodies "tied up in string"...a few of my favorite things as well.

  17. Oh your apples look lovely, and reminds me of when i lived in hobart and a house up the road had a beautiful big old granny smith apple tree in their front yard that we used to plunder on dark nights. I hope you have no naughty neighbours near you. xx


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