Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 123 Challenge....& Something's Happened To Me...................

What is happening to me..........have I gone "minimalist" ? Me ??
Me, who loves "product" ? Me, who can't seem to get enough "stuff" on a page ? Of course you can always find room for more....just one more flower,one more tag, one more resin embilishment. I have been a scrapbook manufacturers dream; my local SB store loves me, I know you do Jane........until now.

This project and my previous one for the Color Room have virtually NO EMBELISHMENTS and I have used very little "scrapbook" product at all. The thrifty and oh so talented Louise Nelson would be so proud of me........I have recycled stuff that has already been used and made do with what I have found in the kitchen drawer. I know none of this is new, but for me, who prides herself on having a bountiful stash and loves to use it all, this is a worry.

Todays project has been done for the November 123 Challenge.

Colour= Grey
Word= Please
Technique= Unusual Stamping

I have stamped onto chiffon,alfoil,Glad Bake,and stamped "into" texture paste ( I love doing this and have used this technique a lot lately )as well as stamping directly onto cardstock over paint.

The word "please"..........it was so hard for me to come up with a use ( other than the obvious )for this word ( who would have thought ? ) until my daughter gave me the "look"..........you know the one when you go on about something for far too long and they just look at you, roll their eyes and go 'whatever". The journalling, stamped onto Glad Bake with Stazon says,  
     "Oh please !! Don't give me that look"
Glad Bake, being silicon,does not accept glue or double sided tape very well, so I have just tied it on with thread.  

This project was a lot of fun to do ( and so cheap )
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Wow Gayle, did have created an awesome layout, with gladbake!!!!!!!!!
    Amazing amazing super duper ..... :)

  2. hehhe! It just AWESOME! Maybe styles do change but you do anything well! Gorgeous.

  3. Im kinda thinking that you are just a tad to fabulous here!!!!!!!!! LOL

    WTG You :) :) :)

    Lou xoxoxo

  4. aaaaaaand yes very proud LOL :) :) :)

  5. Say it isn't so.. No embellishment.. You know I just love seeing all your Layers. But I have to admit this page looks awesome.. I am loving it!!

    Hugs, Linda

  6. I just love everything about this!!! your little hot pink accents are just perfect too! wonderful colors and wonderful story .... wonderful use of everyday things

    ... cheap?

    "cheep cheep" say chic chicks :)

  7. I love your new minimalist approach! still is so 'you'! hope all is well with you, are you busy making lots of Christmas things? we are going to sydney for Christmas, just for a week - whirlwind trip but I can't wait.


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