Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beautiful Papers...........




These are some projects made from the beautiful papers available from Meg's Garden.These papers are so pretty and so detailed, they stand alone. I have deliberately avoided the use of lots of embellishment with what I've made as I believe the papers speak for themselves and need very little enhancement.

A dress, inspired by Marie Antoinette, made entirely of paper, paper doilies and paper lace.

A little bag made from a recycled brown paper shopping bag. The string handles are wrapped in red velvet, it's lined with painted cardboard to give it rigidity and then covered in Meg's beautiful paper. I've added some hand made flowers and velvet leaves.

"Vintage" post cards made using collage papers, lots of distressing, stamps and inks.

All collage images, papers, paper and real lace, velvet leaves and mini paper doilies available from Meg,s Garden.


  1. These are all beautiful...but that dress is fabulous! Wow! I can't even describe how pretty it is...

  2. WOWZER.... I am in love!! These are all such fabulous projects.. You have out done your self once again my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. I love flowers and all of the projects are beautiful!

  4. Gayle, your Megs Garden projects are simply amazing, very creative, imaginative and simply soooo stunning...

  5. these are amazing, what a great idea!

  6. It’s always a pleasure seeing what you are up to. Your creations are fabulous, Gayle! That dress is enchanting and I LOVE your vintage postcards!

    Delicious eye usual:))

    Hope you are having a wonderful Advent Season.

  7. Gayle your take on the challenge is so elegant and gorgeous...well done your work is amazing :)

  8. Oh Gayle, I can only imagine the joy and pleasure you derived from making this stunning pieces. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. wow just beautiful love the dress, am in awe

  10. OMG!!! This is amazing! love the dress - so beautiful and gorgeous. These are all such fabulous projects - you are The Shabby Queen!

  11. HI.. oh wow.. this dress is exquisite.. i have never seen anything like it... very creative.. and absolutely stunning... and the postcards.. how very gorgeous they are.. and they look so aged and vintage.. i love all of these..

  12. OMG Gayle .... these are so exquisite and stunning ... lots of beautiful details in those papers and the post cards are to die for !!!!! wow oh wow !!!
    hugz to you xox
    I am house bound at the moment helping Baden with his rehab ... had a couple of pinful and sleepless nights poor darling hoping today will be a better day ... 8 weeks of rehab ... he is very diligent with his exercises and following all instructucions .. tough going though... x

  13. Nossa...estou de boca aberta...que vestido!!! Simplesmente magnífico!! Bom final de ano para voce! Que 2012 continue te trazendo tantas lindas inspirações!!!

  14. My dear friend Jacira gave me the link to your blog and boy do I love what I see here! Your Marie Antoinette dress is stunning!! I love anything MA related, so how can I NOT be fond of this! Fab job! Oh, you've got yourself a new follower, too, of course ;-)

  15. Found my way here from Sandie Edwards blog. Not disappointed either! Your work is unashamedly unique and beautiful. I LOVE the vintage postcards - I am inspired to make some myself now. I'll post them on my blog when I do with credit to you of course.


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