Thursday, January 5, 2012

This For That............& 3 more photos.

I am a fan of Gaby Bee !
Not only is she an extremely talented mixed media artist, she is a warm, generous and very sweet 'bloggy' friend. Last year we did a swap........I sent her a box of ( what seemed to me like ) rusty old junk, and she sent me the most beautiful package of hand-made, creative goodness !! Earrings, a little canvas, the sweetest glass soldered ornament AND the most beautiful necklace that I adore and will cherish is very special.


For This

Thank you you xx

Another 3 photos for the "a photo a day" challenge at Fat Mum Slim. I know I have skipped a day ahead but am off for the weekend to a little sea-side place on York Peninsula. We lovingly call it Bonnie Doon, after the movie The Castle; you know, 'you can feel the serenity', but it's really called Port Moorowie. 
Day #4

Letter Box
Day #5

Something You Wore
Last night out to dinner.
Day #6

Makes You Smile
Our old dog Bing....every day

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I heart Gaby too :)
    she has a fabulous blog!
    Love your photo artistry again ... i wish our mail boxes were as cool as yours ... and without dogs there would be much less smiling wouldn't there?!

  2. wow what a beautiful delivery from your friend .... very special ... love your doggy .... great pics Gayle .... have a great time away xoxox

  3. Happy New Year Gayle! What a great gift from a friend and I hope you are doing fine. Hugs, Yuzz

  4. Gorgeous presents from our friend, love them, & very special. :)

  5. Some people are so talented! Love what your friend did with your 'junk' :)
    Your photos are awesome, love the cobwebs on the mailbox! And, I have a small dog like yours and she has the that sad look down pat :) but my two bring a lot of smiles for sure, as well!

  6. Great photos, projects and posts as usual! :)

  7. What a fabulous package you received.. I am going to have to go take a look at her blog!!
    An what lovely photo girly.. I love the cross..

    Hugs, Linda

  8. love your swap!!! sounds so fabby!!
    Gorgeous pics too - have fun on your getaway!!

  9. Dearest Gayle, I really enjoyed our lil swap! I would do it anytime again. I think that is the wonderful part of meeting online friends ~ sharing a bit of happiness around the world:)

    Sending creative wishes to you ~ with lots of smiles along the way!

    hugs xxoo


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