Saturday, April 6, 2013

Circle Journals.....Where Art Thou ?

This is a difficult post for me to do. I'm pretty laid-back, low profile, love the arty, scrappy world and just do my own thing; but something is bothering me.
Below are 2 pages I made for a journal that is now, sadly, missing in action somewhere.
About this time last year, one lovely lady hand made several blank journals and asked 9 Australian scrapbook/ mixed media artists if they would do 2 or 3 pages in each journal and pass ( or post ) it on to the next person on the list..........a Circle Journal. The idea being that at the beginning of each month you would receive a journal that had been worked in by one of the other girls, you then do your couple of pages in it and post it on. Not hard, a lot of fun and at the end we all have one journal each to keep that every one in the group has created a little bit of themselves in.
After doing about 3 journals, and with about 6 still to go, they all stopped.
No more journals arrived in my letter box, nor in some of the other girls I was in regular contact with. The sweet lady who started it all, of course sent out emails to everyone in the group trying to track them down, to no avail, they all seem to have vanished.
Really ????! No, they are in someones possession, maybe lost in their work room or studio somewhere, but no, someone from this group has them, or maybe a few girls have 1 or 2.
Please give them back or send the on, finished or not. I would be so excited if one arrived in my letter box next week! No questions asked. 
We all have "shit happen" in our lives and I know circumstances can change. To not be able to complete a page in the journal, or to not be able to continue to be involved is no big deal.
To keep these journals tho, and prevent the others in the group from completing and then receiving one is sad and disappointing. You have stolen from us. Not just in a material way, but you have destroyed the trust and faith that we all had in each other.
The art/scrapbooking/mixed media world in Australia is small, everyone knows everyone. If anyone out there knows where these "lost" journals might be, could you do whatever you think is a fair thing and get them moving again.

Thanks for visiting me today. Hope the coming week is full of creativity and lots of laughs.
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  1. How sad Gayle, I hope they do show up. It sounds like a fantastic concept to be involved in. I love what you created, the theme kind of seems ironic given the situation now and I understand your frustration. Fingers crossed for you guys that they are found xox

  2. Your artwork is gorgeous and I feel for you ladies that had started the process and were looking forward to completing it. Hopefully those in a position to make it right, read and heed the message. I wish you luck in their return and renewed faith in people doing the right thing.

  3. Gorgeous happy colors...colors I expect from you Gayle. So sorry about the missing creative pieces, I hope they show up soon.

  4. Oh no what a shame. I do hope they show up. The two pages here look wonderful..


  5. So sorry to read about the lost journals, Gayle. Hope you get happy mail soon :)
    Love your AJ pages...Can't wait to see more of them!

  6. I have never had one sent to me, what a lovely idea.. I do hope this refreshes someones memory and the journey for the journals continues..

  7. Really hope these make their way to their rightful owners. It is heart breaking when this happens....

  8. This is so well said Gayle. I have had the same experience - I went for years wanting to participate in a "round robin" - and when I finally did, I vowed to never do it again. It is such a shame! I do hope whoever is the logjam is pricked in their conscience and gets back on track .... I wonder if the "anonymity" causes it. If it's not someone you might run into at the market, it's easier to hide out and be a flake.

  9. Oh wonderful pages, so sorry to hear they all went missing. So upsetting! Kim

  10. So sorry Gayle! Yes I involved myself in something very similar a few years back and stupidly volunteered to get the journal around the world for the sweet lady who asked me first (as she had no idea who to ask next???) and of course midway through the course of things it also disappeared! I did my best to track it down - failed - and received several rude letters from the sweet lady I had been asked by!!!! Nice!!!!! Never again... Oh and I LOVE your page!!!

  11. Unfortunately sometimes this happens Gayle, and you hate to point the finger as well because you really don't know who did, or whether it really just get lost in the mail. But when you've spent a good amount of time on something like this its definitely worth having someone sign for it and get proof of collection. I've had the same experience. What a shame as the work looks so gorgeous and why wouldn't everyone like to have such a beautiful inspirational piece on hand. Hopefully it will turn up now.

  12. Thanks Gayle. Trying to put it down to experience. Doesn't put it me off the idea again at some stage, as I love making that type of journal.
    I still have faith in people and their joy of making art...

  13. Was sorry read this, but can really relate. Several years ago, this happened to me. It can be easily tracked to see where the trail is stopped. But to no avail could we connect with the one gal in the circle. So, I - yes I did - recreated another journal and got it going in the same circle. You guessed it, it too went missing. Very, very disappointing. On the flip-side, I guess you could say the work was so spectacular that they just couldn't part with it. Right? I would love to circle journal again ... but haven't dipped my toes in the water since. Hugs to you.


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