Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Instagram "nerd"

I am a self-confessed Instagram "nerd". I'm not so much obsessed with taking lots of daily photos; I am selective of WHAT I photograph; but I am addicted to "editing". I can't stop!
I have 19 different editing apps. on my phone and I play with every single one of them. I take a photo and then I have this urge to alter it, until, sometimes it's unrecognisable. I realise that this is probably not a good thing...socially I am excluded from conversations, my meals go cold, I get left behind on walks and people think I'm being rude, (which I probably am).
Is it crazy to take a perfectly good photo, a beautiful photo even, and turn it into something, that when shown to my (usually supportive family and friends), has them all asking, "what the hell is it"?
Any way, loved this YouTube clip sending up Instagram users. Sadly, it so relates to me. 
Here is the link to the video.

This little collage of edited Instagram images was of course made on one of my many, simple, photo editing apps.

For all you scrapbookers, the very creative Rhonna Farrer of rhonna designs is about to release a photo editing app. that will include fonts, frames, stickers, backgrounds, filters and masks. So exciting.

Thanks for dropping by today. Am I the only 'pathetic' that loves the immediate, personal, gratification of sharing what I perceive as interesting or beautiful on Instagram ? I'd love to know your thoughts.
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  1. Darling what makes you like to photograph...then do it!!! :)
    no - one needs to tell you NO, they are are a form of art work. Go for it Gayle

  2. I actually do not know anything about instagram.. so excuse my ignorance.. I do however love to edit photos online and can get a bit carried away at times with that.. but I do love looking at other peoples photos.. just wish I had more time for it!!

  3. Gosh i've never counted my editing apps. I'm sure i'd be surprised by the number. It is a lot of fun altering them though. Not sure I can remember the last time I scrapped a photo that hadn't been heavily edited on some app or other. ;) You're certainly not alone with your little addiction, I introduced my hubby to IG and now he's more tragic than me! haha.
    I'll keep my eye out for the new Rhonna app, tfs. cheers.

  4. i'm with ya, sister! so fun! and THANKS for the shout out of the new app coming up! mmmmwah!

  5. Oh if Rhonna has a new app coming out I am going to get it.:D
    Gayle I am with you on this one. I love to edit and play too but I love to take photos, anytime, any place and any where and I am often left behind to but that is ok by me... So I am with Adriana on this one... you do what makes you happy and now I am going to look for you on Instagram :D

  6. Hahaha this post really made me laugh Gayle!! I have worked very hard against the photography bug that I find bites more the more you indulge it. Not that that's a bad thing if it's what you want. I just don't go overboard because it cuts into my scrappy & computer organisational time. I have a few editing programs but stick mainly to one because I'm not overly fussed. Your images are beautiful though & if you love it & it makes you happy then I think it's fine - we all have a creativity that needs feeding...

  7. L.O.V.E. loooove these... let's see more!

  8. Fantastic images!! And only 19 apps?? My, my, do need some more!! I can't use Instagram anymore without thinking of that video...too funny!

  9. It is important to have some passions in life, and Instagram is really a great tool. You could have one hundred editing apps, and it would not be a problem if you enjoy editing. So far as the photos go, they are your art. Appreciate them, just don’t forget your life every once in a while.

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