Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Peek At Paris

Is this one of my fondest memories of Paris.....French Champagne and French Onion Soup ? Maybe, they were certainly the best I have ever had !

Yes, cheesy and touristy and this photo looks like a post card ( can assure you it is my photograph ) but well worth visiting. A beautiful local girl who went to ballet school with my daughters has been dancing at The Moulin for the last 4 years and gifted us tickets to the show. It was a fantastic nights entertainment !

Just one of many very wonderful small bakeries, producing the most delicious breads and pastries. Is it any wonder that we love all things French when every thing they make is done with immense pride and so much attention to detail. 

Condemned in its time as an eyesore, called both a "belfry skeleton" and a "truly tragic street lamp" and described by Guy de Maupassant as a "high and skinny pyramid of ladders....which just peters out into a ridiculous thin shape like a factory chimney", this amazing metal masterpiece, the Eiffel Tower, is today, the most beloved symbol of Paris.

Of course we ate plenty of these....this is the chocolate variety.

The very beautiful Pont Alexandre 111. So typical of elegant French style with its iconic Art Nouveau lamps and rich gilded statuary of cherubs, nymphs and winged horses. I could not believe how the gold  stood was so intense, almost as though it had been lit from within.
These are the last photos I will be posting on my trip to Paris last December. Such a very beautiful and truly unique city, I can not wait to go there again !
Thank you for visiting today. Hope the week ahead is full of happy surprises.

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  1. Amazing photos, my 2 DD's have been to Paris too.. perhaps I may go... one day!!

  2. Wohoo! wouldn't mind a bite or two from anything Maison Poilane produce!! yummo! and champers, anytime anywhere but when in Paris, no wonder it tastes better than elsewhere! Wonderful wonderful memento from Paris! xoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing....why are they your last photos you are going to post of Paris!!!!!.... more to dream everyday.... love to go one day........ :)

  4. stunning photos Gayle .... that soups looks delish xoox

  5. That soup does look yummy. I enjoyed all your photos. Maybe one day I'll make it there..

    Happy Monday.


  6. Beautiful pictures, Gayle! Love all the food ;)

  7. Your photos make me want to go there. It's a place I have always resisted .... Thinking it too pretentious and chic .... But you have captured individual moments. Maybe a city like that needs to be seen in a small scale.

  8. Wow those photos are amazing! Love how you captured the events and places.:)

  9. Your photographs of Paris are absolute perfection. I could look at them forever! I couldn't believe how beautiful Paris was. It was like how I imagine Heaven. And the attention to detail was amazing and old-fashioned. Altogether charming. I also can't wait to go back!!


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