Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Japan...........a snap shot

A few quick, random images from Japan. Nothing special, just "typical" of what I saw around me in my day to day travels.
I loved Japan !
The people are the most respectful of any I have encountered any where else in the world.
Their train system is brilliant.
It is so clean. No graffiti or vandalism of public property any where.
They are so organised and the attention to detail is amazing.
There is a "calmness" and a "prettiness" that is pervasive everywhere you go and everywhere you look.

Wooden hand carts at the Tokyo fish market

The local beer, how pretty is the label.

Nijo Castle   Kyoto
I will put up some more images from this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site along with some more snap shots over the next few weeks.

Thanks for visiting today. It's always great to go away, but it's better to arrive safely back home.
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  1. These are great.. I can't wait to see more of your photos my friend.


  2. lovely seeing Japan through your eyes!

  3. Gayle these are very cool shots! Your eyes always seem to capture their subject perfectly!

  4. such fabulous arty pics Gayle .... will we see you next week ?


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