Thursday, May 1, 2014

paperDVIZHNIK Challenge #41...........Symmetry

Challenge #41 at paperDVIZHNIK is SYMMETRY
A relatively straight forward exercise...each side of a central line needs to be the same. I have tried to add interest to the composition by including lots of texture and pattern.

SYMMETRY (Greek symmetria - "proportionality" from syn - "together" and metreo - "measure"). Regular arrangement of parts or forms relative to the center the main axis. Poise, accuracy, coherence parts united into a whole. Looking around ourselves, we observe many examples of symmetry. Flowers, leaves, fruits, human Figure, figures of animals and Insects, etc. 

Die- cut flowers and leaves.

Fun Prima Lace Sticker

Detail of two different masks used. One with white embossing powder, the other with texture paste. Coloured with Distress Stains.

Thanks for visiting today. If you have left a comment for me then I thank you, and am sending good vibes your way.
Our lives need a little symmetry, a certain amount of 'balance', but not too much...we don't want to become too predictable; that would be boring and no fun !
Have a fun week that include some surprises.
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  1. Wow now this is definitely a fav.. so beautiful.. love the symmetry, love her eyes love the colors and leaves.. this looks wonderful.. and balance in life is good.. except if the balance swings towards creative time.. then it is even better!! hehee!!

  2. I saw this on my phone (IG) But had to come and see it on my big screen.. So much wonderful detail, I LOVE this. You rock this challenge my friend.


  3. WOW!! This is awesome! Love how you have created your background and the balance you have achieved. Those eyes! .... fantastic. Cheers, Di

  4. Amazing layout. Love your background texture and really love the headgear of lace, flower and leaves. Wonderful symmetry to the page. Always inspiring work!

  5. I saw this on FB but just wanted to come over and have a better look and to say you've done an amazing job, great texture and layers.


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