Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mixed Media Place.........The Beat Goes On

Mixed media wooden block with polystyrene heart, plastic tubing, metal embellishments, paper and acrylic paint.
I'm sure by now you all know that Finnabair has created her own range of mixed media gels and pastes.
My little collaged wooden block with it's 3D heart, its plastic plumbing and metal workings, is held together entirely by 3D Matte Gel and Soft Gloss Gel from Finnabair's art Basics range.
Some alterations were made to the heart's background; the pattern was "too much", it was painted just red.

There are lots of "bits" making up this piece, all with different surfaces........wood, metal, chipboard, polystyrene, plastic and paper and the 3D Matte Gel has been used throughout to secure them. An added bonus is how easy and "clean" it is to use and how it dries completely clear.
Using Soft Gloss Gel with Acrylic paint makes it more translucent, and then easier to build up richly coloured layers of paint.

A list of products I used can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place and they can be purchased from HERE at Mixed Media Place Store.

Thanks for visiting. May your heart be full of joy this week.
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  1. Wow, this is great, so imaginative!
    Can't see glue anywhere, I might have to have a go at some of that 3D gel.

  2. Wow Gayle! What a fabulous work of art! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh how fabulous! Always so intriguing and wonderfully created, your 'heart' is an exceptional arty piece!

  4. I love your take on it - especially the faucet. That's where all the love must pour out :) -fantastic job!

  5. You never cease to amaze me. Your wooden block looks fantastic, Gayle. Loving the steampunk look...right up my alley.

    Gaby <3

  6. Super project! I love your combination of elements with the clever use of a polystyrene heart and plastic plumbing. Just amazing!

  7. OK that is super cool!! Love it!!!

  8. This is absolutely stunning Gayle. So original & beautifully done. I am going to be trying out some matte gel as an adhesive as I am tired of the stickiness/mess of glue & looking for a better solution for OTPs especially.


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