Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'On The Edge" for Finnabair Creative Team

This page has been inspired by three things: Gold Mica powder, I love the look of this magic dust. An old, vintage, bone handle knife, and the idea that, without trying for an adrenalin rush by base jumping or swimming with sharks,we are all, at times, "living on the edge." The very unpredictable nature of life, the not knowing of what tomorrow will bring, or "what's around the corner", creates this uneasy feeling.
But, just as the caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, so too our lives can change and we have to believe  that all will be well.
I found this quote somewhere, I don't know who said it, but it sums up perfectly what I mean;
"Learn to honour the space between no longer and not yet".

Detail of Finnabair's beautiful Gold and Teal Mica Powder and her fabulous Texture Paste used through a stencil.

Copper Micro Beads and Finnabair Mechanicals Metal details.

Step by step details of how I made this page and a list of materials used can be found HERE on the Finnabair blog, and these materials can be supplied from HERE at Mixed Media Place.

Thanks for visiting, happy creating.

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  1. WOW! I love your mix of textures and elements. The colours are divine, and your details are amazing!

  2. Gayle - you seem to always touch my heart with your creations. This is INCREDIBLE. It's a dichotomy.On one hand it's BOLD & STRONG but on the other... it's like a INTRICATE WHISPER. The head, the brain - is ever working, ever thinking, every creating but what will happen when someone gets close enough to open that zipper on the barely protected mouth???? Is this person ON THE EDGE of a challenging time or a rewarding time? I would think that it's a rewarding time because of the BEAUTY of all that around - the golden world of naturalness. Oh me... I should stop... . but this is true art - and I thank you for sharing Gayle. j.

  3. Wow this is awesome! You blow me away with all the details, the fabulous colours and textures.. This is so full of expression... Stunning creation!

  4. Gayle you are one of my favorite artists. I absolutely adore your artsy innovative style. I never know what you will do next and I so enjoy seeing what your creative mind comes up with. This is just outstanding. Needs to be in an art show!

  5. waooh! your creations touch me really ! you are a great artist!

  6. I find your blog very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your talents.


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