Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mixed Media Place......One Word.

Think of a word.....any word........now focus on that word and create......anything.
This is the challenge at Mixed Media Place this month.
Word association is a fantastic starting point for creativity. When you focus on just one word, all sorts of ideas, images, memories, experiences and emotions start to form in your mind.

With out getting too "deep and meaningfull" I love the word "dream" and all it can mean. It is a word very closely connected to "hope". Hope is that little spark deep inside us that keeps us going, even during the darkest of times, and allows us to 'dream' of the things we want in our lives or we want for our lives.
 The ballerina is used as a visual symbol..........doesn't every little girl dream of being one, their movements are so graceful, soft and flowing, as in a dream and, dancing is movement choreographed to a rhythm. Life has it's rhythms, and we move and respond to them accordingly, and, while dealing with all it demands of us, we must continue to remind ourselves............"don't forget to dream".
To not "dream" is to be hopeless.
Finnabair's white crackle Texture Paste has been used for texture and Silks Acrylic Glaze has been used for colour.
Finnabair cling stamp "Don't Forget To Fly", washi tape and some rub-ons.

A full list of supplies can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place and of course sourced from HERE at  Mixed Media Place Store.

Thank you for visiting. May you dream often, and may the important ones come true for you.
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  1. Gayle, é tão importante sonhar... e eu sonho um dia ainda conseguir fazer algo tão lindo assim...é maravilhoso e me encanta!!!

  2. Ah.. this looks magnificent! your dancer is lifting off the page with her graceful flight, and love the texture and colors on your back ground too.. another stunning creation.. and yes dreaming is good.. it can take you to places in your imagination and give so much inspiration too!

  3. Sooooooooooo beautiful Gayle. I have a granddaughter that is a ballerina so this is especially lovely to me. I sent her a link! Your colors are beautiful - definitely dreamy! j.

  4. just amazing... and thanks for the well wishes on dreams... and back to you!! xo

  5. Your work is so amazing! Sometimes things just start looking exactly the same, and there's a lack of inspiration. But after looking at a bunch of your stuff, I am super excited to get to work on some things! Thanks so much for being so awesome! :-)


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