Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just "Be" journal

I'm still playing with patterns and's a little peek into an art journal where texture paste and dry embossing are the focus.

I adore colour but it got a bit away from me, especially the pink through the middle. It's not meant to be there, it bled through from another page....a reminder to run a piece of masking tape down the centre of every page you're working on to stop "spinal bleed". 
No problem really, art journals are meant for happy accidents.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope your week has been full of fun, full of colour and happy accidents.
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  1. Fantastic pages. That eye is... Well eye catching.... Love the colour, thought it was done purposely always love seeing what you have been up to... Another week..nearly gone again... It has been a mix of ups and downs... Better than last week though... Have a good weekend!

  2. Glad I discovered your art journaling on IG! Your pages are amazing and inspiring. Hope you create a YouTube video soon!!!

  3. Amazing pages. The textures, colors and that face!! Love it.

  4. What a statement this makes Gayle - wow - just totally fantastic. The pink in the center looks perfect to me! WONDERFUL. j.

  5. I'm in love with your face pages. So beautiful, different and inspiring.

  6. I love your happy accidents Gayle! Fabulous page!


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