Saturday, September 19, 2015

Through Different Eyes.......For Finnabair Creative Team

You would be heartless to not be moved by the inhumanity that is taking place across Europe. Thousands of people fleeing the terror and violence in Syria. Leaving all behind. Left with nothing, and no where to go. I wish I could see the world through "rose coloured glasses", where everything is good. I want to see a world that is free of all inhumanity. My page is reflective of this idealistic dream.
I have used a lot of "steps" or processes to make this page, but none are difficult. You can find a step by step tutorial of how I've created this page HERE on Finnabair's blog            

Some of the techniques used are:  wet embossing, dry embossing, stamping, collage, image transfer, stencilling with modeling paste and embossing powder.

I have used Finnabair's beautiful Mica Powders to colour chipboard, metal and the butterflies.

Ecoline watercolor gets absorbed by wet modeling paste applied through a stencil.

A full list of all materials used can be found HERE on Finnabair's blog and can be purchased on line from her shop HERE at Mixed Media Place.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Enjoy your weekend and your freedom.
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  1. Hi Gayle
    I was so excited about this piece of art so I just had to see it again on your own blog. I left a comment on the Finnabar blog. But good things cant be said often enough ... Lol...: I LIVE your art. This lovely lady with the fantastic glasses as well. And oh yes would be great to invent a pair of glasses which could transform bad things into good things. It would be pure magic. And you mentioned the thousands of people refugees and migrants coming to Europe in these days. It's tragic and even worse that the EU countries arent able to agree on a sustainable solutions. It would be lovely if we could improve the conditions in their own countries so they did'nt need to fly.
    Once again thank you for sharing another lovely piece of art... I'm so appreciative.
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain

  2. OMG Gayle, this piece of art reflects your sensitivity and kindness about this tragic takes place in Europe. My country, Greece, has accepted thousands of refugees and facing every day this sadness. I wish your rose glasses were real! Thank you for sharing your art and your thoughts <3

  3. Oh my.. This is out of this world amazing! Love the expressive face with the mechanicals.. Love the texture and colours.. And yes the scenes on TV are heart breaking and disturbing.. I hope some sort of solution is found door the displaced people's...

  4. Absolutely fabulous and I love the attention to detail all the different textures contained in this piece of work are quite astounding. I find it both inspirational and very creative.


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