Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Finnabair CT.........Spread Your Wings Mixed Media Academy

Today it's about favourites. We all have favourites......food, music, movies, books, seasons, places...........art materials. Choose your favourite art material and do something with it.This was the brief for this months SYWA. See what the other girls have chosen and their beautiful projects HERE on Finnabair's blog.
My favourite medium is art basics Soft Matte or Gloss Gel. It works as a glue, (perfect for collage, my favourite thing ) also as a binder to which you can add other materials like Mica Powder, it's a sealer and it works better than any other product to do image transfer.
 I love the process of image transfer and then the creative possibilities that this then opens up.
This journal page, with an image transfer of my favourite face, that of Frida Kahlo, was done using art basics Soft Matte Gel.
There is a more detailed step by step HERE on Finnabair's blog, but here you can see how well the image is transferred.....not perfect, but that is part of the beauty of this process.....I love the jagged, soft, smudgy edges.

 I received some criticism when I posted this journal page on my Instagram, telling me "Frida was overdone, move on, do something new." It made me a little sad.
 What is it
 about our "favourites" that we love so much...........they make us feel good, they make us happy, we feel comfortable with them, we trust them, our favourite things become a part of who we are.
Negativity will never, ever be one of my favourite things.
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  1. So sorry that you received that criticism. I'm glad you are seeing it for what it was... negativity. Not a reflection on your work. This is beautiful, and you should be happy and proud for creating it. :) Frida will always be a classic. Don't let the negatives get to you!!!

  2. Beautifull as always. I'm still trying to master image transfers. You inspire me to keep trying. Sorry about the negative comment. Create what you love. It only has to make you happy no one else.

  3. Shesh I am sitting here totally amazed and blown away by your page.. I tell ya what those who criticize really should just shut up because your work is just so amazing original and I wish I could create half as good as this in my art journal pages.. ignore the negative please, they have no idea as far as I am concerned. but then, art is in the eye of the beholder .. and these two eyes love what I am seeing here!!

  4. Oh if I could reach through the 'interwebs' to who ever made that comment I could just slap them...move on? why don't YOU move on? I mean really, sorry but that really bugs me that someone would be so negative, anyway, never mind the haters, they are just too miserable to waste a breath on right? this piece is just marvelous Gayle! I absolutely love how bold and colorful this image is, and who can resist a little Frida? she is an amazing inspiration, thanks for sharing your process, I've seen this done and want to try it myself...your art is a treasure Gayle xox

  5. Some people just can't help themselves. You be assured that there are so many people who love this and would never say negative things like that. It's wonderful - I don't want you to move on!

  6. Gayle as always I'm blown away by your work. This spread makes me feel inspired and I feel blessed that skilled artists like you share their marvelous art with us.
    Gayle I'm so sad ( and Nnoyed ) to hear that somebody had critical comments to say about your work. I dont get it. I cant figure out why they have that attitude.. To me your art is very original. And using the face of Frida is just a gorgeous idea. She has a "perfect" face for this kind of projects.
    I cant add anything which the above commenters did'nt already say. I agree with them and hope you will continue to do what inspires you. Please do not listen to their critism. We are many who adore and LOVE your art.
    Thank you for sharing. Receive grateful hugs .... Monica... Spain

  7. This is lovely! How could any of us ever move on from loving Frida? What about Marie Antoinette? should she be forgotten too? Ignore the negativity, create what makes you (and the rest of us) happy. Thanks for sharing, sending cyber hugs.

  8. I really love your new and fresh interpretation of Frida Kahlo! For me, your works are like an order that comes out from chaos, like a beauty made of dust. That contradiction makes your works stunning and worth seeing.

  9. When we talk about something overdone, lets talk about ELVIS impersonators, but not Frida! As long as you follow your heart, you are being true to yourself and as an artist. Those who don't see the beauty... aren't looking!


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