Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Art Journal.........Inspired By bybun

Do you know roxanne coble ? Otherwise known as bybun. Well, she is so clever, creative, quirky and a whole lot of fun. I did her "Creatures" online art journal class and it was the best !
She has a great, fun personality and explains things really well and is just, well, very inspiring.
I didn't actually get into her quirky little creatures ( I collaged a bad ass motor bike instead ), but her use of colour, multiple media, pattern and decoration is right up my alley.
 Check out bybun HERE.

If you're looking for some fun inspiration, check out bybun.bybun.com/

Thanks for dropping by.
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  1. Oh wow your pages are wild! Amazing, so many details! Fabulous riot of color and action! Love It!

  2. THIS dear Gayle is a work of art. Wow. I can't get enough of gazing at your wonderful creation. This should be on a huge canvas on a wall.... it is just amazing. My brother - who loves motorcycles would be wild for this piece. Beyond AMAZING.... just FABULOUS. XXj.

  3. Wonderful! I'm off to check out bybun now!

  4. wonderful work Gayle!! and such a lovely write up about the class - thank-you so so much!! xo


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