Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Rejected Page

I have several pages lying around that were started and never finished. Ideas gone wrong, wasn't going according to plan, I'm sure you've all been there. Sometimes it's worth re-visiting these pages, having a play (with no expectation, so the pressure is off....always a good thing ) and seeing where it takes you.
This is my "reject" page. Done on flimsy card stock, so won't hold heavy embellishment, not even gessoed so won't support much wet mixed media either. But it does have a beautiful swish of bright orange/yellow colour......a starting point.

And here is my finished page.
To see what happened "in between" check out the Finnabair blog here for all the steps and materials used.
Thanks for visiting today. Re visit your "rejects"; you may be surprised where they take you.
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  1. Wow - seriously INCREDIBLE transformation Gayle. Spellbinding!!! Xj

  2. What a great save! The finished page is outstanding! Just love the face incorporated into the yellow circles.. Very clever creating!


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