Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Art Journal Page............Dreams v's Reality

We're told "anything is possible", "follow your dreams".
The reality is, not every dream is attainable.
While chasing our dreams we have "moments".........life moments and these have more value than the dream itself.
Along with learning how to accept reality, we gain humility and wisdom, all be it touched by a little sadness.
From: philosopher and author, Mark Rowlands.

Paint, collage, ink, stamps, embossing.
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  1. Absolutely AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Gayle. Xj.

  2. yes the quote is so true, we are told to dream and make it happen... but in real life.. not all the dreams come true...but life happens along the way.. this is exquisite.. love the face looking back at us while the photo has her back to us... have a great week!

  3. Stunning work yet again. Love that quote too - it's so true!


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