Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Oxygen: A Contradiction

I over-think things, and this often leads me in giddy circles.
Oxygen, the very thing that supports life is the same thing that slowly destroys it.
With time,
skin cells, soft, supple and smooth become hard, brittle and full of cracks and lines
when exposed to the air.

Here a plastic irrigation dripper connector has been turned into a piece of rusty pipe using Finnabair's wonderful ( and so easy to use ) Rust and Patina Effect Pastes.

Finnabair Clear Crackle Texture Paste.....layered on thickly and allowed to dry naturally.
Textured background, rusted petals.

Shimmer and shine from Finnabair Sparks Acrylic paints and rust and corrosion from Finnabair Rust Effect Pastes.
We can not live without oxygen, so perhaps, like the Japanese,.. we should embrace the process of ageing.
Wabi-sabi....a view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection:
The idea that beauty can be impermanent, imperfect and incomplete.
Step by step process and list of materials used on the Finnabair blog HERE.


  1. this is jaw dropping. wow, fabulous details and creativity. <3

  2. Exquisite... just love the rusting... the eyes, the flowers.. the textures... brilliant...

  3. Just wow! I do love the mouth with the crackle effect that happened.

  4. Incredible as always gorgeous lady - yu are such an inspiration to me

  5. I do love the mouth with the crackle effect that happened.



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