Friday, June 16, 2017

Art Journal........ Colour

Playing with Dina Wakley colour.
#showusyourMEdia challenge on the Dina Wakley blog. HERE
Fear is a great discourager..........
But, perfection is boring.
That's why I create. It's a challenge. To try to be a master of my medium.
It will never happen......because nothing is ever "perfect" and there in lies the beauty.
In your journal, nothing has to be perfect.
Anything and everything is allowed.
Scribble Sticks, stamps and paint.
Coloured pencils and Gold Texture paste.
Check out the Dina Wakley blog and play along with her #showusyourMEdia challenge.


  1. Oh wow this is stunning, so eye catching with the eyes and the colors.. maybe you think it is not perfect but I reckon it is pretty darn good!!

  2. Always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you've been up to! This Challenge with Dina is going to be fantastic and thanks for reminding us done is better than perfect!


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