Saturday, December 23, 2017

Finnabair Ambassador ...........Choose A Word

If you have ever gathered with a large group of people, even strangers, to seek out moments of collective joy eg.........ninety five thousand Australian fans of the Liverpool Football Club gathered at the MCG singing You'll Never Walk Alone,  or,
 show up for experiences of collective pain, eg. a funeral, or a memorial, you can not deny our human connection, even with people we may disagree with.
"These examples of collective joy and pain are sacred experiences. They are so deeply human that they cut through our differences and tap into our hard wired nature. These experiences tell us what is possible about the human spirit."   Brene Brown
I have chosen the word "connection" because I feel I've lost it.
We live such busy lives and the world has become so complicated. We connect, on line, but not so much in person any more. In fact all we want is to be left alone, peace and quiet.
Personal, sincere and meaningful connection with friends, communities and strangers is neglected.
Shared joy and pain can bring people together and over ride differences. It can manifest instead in acceptance, tolerance and respect.

Wishing you all peace and love.
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