Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sharing.........Two New Classes

I have to admit that teaching how, what and why I create has never been something that I've been completely comfortable with.
Not because I'm not willing or happy to share, but more because the way I work is done very intuitively, rather than by a predictable step by step process.
I also love detail, lots of detail, and will spend a lot of time just on the detail and this is not always practical for a two or three hour class.
Having said that, once I have prepared a lesson and am in the classroom with a group of happy and eager participants just itching to get creative, their excitement is infectious and I can't wait to share my ideas, my processes and my creative philosophies (for what they're worth).
These two projects were created especially to be taught as a class, and I can't wait to share them later this month at Paper Flourish in Adelaide.

Collage A, B, C's

Collage Cubed

A multi-media Art Journal page with an emphasis on the process and learning to be intuitive and a 3 dimensional collaged block.
Each of these projects are close to my heart. They have collage as their foundation but many ideas, techniques, processes and different mediums are explored.
I'm stepping out of the comfort zone of my studio and into the classroom.
But it's a good thing.
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  1. Beautiful projects. If I lived in your area, I would be 'IN' for these! Keep smiling and creating.

  2. wow- so beautiful Gayle! lucky students to learn from you in real time!
    thank you for sharing
    Jackie xo

  3. Always am blown away by your creativity... love these..

  4. Dying here! How I would have loved to take this class. Beautiful work!!

  5. Are the faces you use in your artwork photographs or drawn? They are absolutely stunning. If photos do you print it on tissue paper? SO very beautiful!


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