Friday, October 8, 2010

Lets Get Shabby.....Challenge #16

For this challenge you had to choose a colour scheme from 1 of 2 kitchens :- I chose kitchen #1. There was also a recipe to follow:-- you had to include a piece of fabric and two die-cut shapes.

I chose to do an OTP project and recycled an old box. Keeping with the "recipe" theme I decide to make a box in which to keep my favourite recipes taken from mums' original old recipe book. On the inside lid I popped in a 'ration card' belonging to mum from 1948, true vintage.

This is mum's original recipe book. It has a wooded cover with a journal inside full of hand written recipes, plus lots clipped from newspapers and many more given to her by friends.


  1. this is great love your mum's book what a treasure.

  2. You have done a beautiful job to this Gayle! I love the vintage bits that you have used, esp your Mums ration book & that crochet on the top! Stunning piece of work my lovely xxx

  3. Great take on the challenge. Hugz, Z


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