Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You've Got 'REAL' mail.

In this age of email and cyber communication, don,t you just love it when you get "real mail":--- especially packages ! I received 2 in the space of 2 days. They contained coffee, an empty vintage cigar box and patterned paper; lifes' essentials really. The coffee and cigar box were sent to me by my daughter who lives in Melbourne, coffee capital of Australia. My fave coffee comes from a small roaster and blender there called SEVEN SEEDS, and the vitage cigar box she found for me is for my Dress Up 2010 project:---- it is meant to become a ward-robe for all the little paper dresses, but I don't know if I can bring myself to alter it , it is so perfect and beautiful just as it is.
These pretties are a challenge prize that I won sponsored by the generous 'handmade by Suzanne'.


  1. ooo I love recieving crafting parcels. That cigar box is fabulous, though I would be like you & reluctant to alter it too XXX

  2. I would not alter that cigar box, either. In fact, I'm having trouble altering my wardrobe any more than I have, and it's just a plain white cabinet! Your cigar box is gorgeous.

    Love the sound of that coffee. And your lovely winnings are superb. What a haul and a treasure you got in your REAL mailbox.

  3. I'd keep the cigar box as it is .... that is some real treasure :)


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