Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What do you do with all your left -over bits and pieces ? Bits of paper, punched borders, embellishments made but not used, experiments, cut out shapes and flowers too pretty to throw away ? I keep them, thinking well I might need that one day. Now if I was really honest I would admit that I don,t really think that because I know there is gorgeous new stuff coming out every day, and of course I,m going to use that before any old scraps I have hanging around. So, what I have started to do is fill up an old book with pages made from scraps...... literally a "scrap" book. Here's a page I made the other day, and the few bits and pieces I started with.


  1. gorgeous idea - might start doing that myself

  2. uauuuuuuuu...


    amo chaves antigas!

  3. Beautiful idea, starting today, because my desk is "running over" might show it later ;-)

  4. What a brilliant idea, and you used them so well! This idea could be its own challenge blog...use your bits!

  5. Fabulous, Gayle!!! love the colors!


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