Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tea On Tuesday

Tea this Tuesday, 30th. of November is special. It marks the end of 'Movember'. Through out the month of November all men Australia wide are encouraged to grow a moustache , and in return sponsors support them by making a monetary donation, this money goes to charities that support mens health i.e. Beyond Blue ( a mens charity for mental health ) and prostate cancer. My husband's work held a morning tea to celebrate the end of 'Movember ' so I made blueberry muffins for him to take along.This is a favourite recipe given to me by a Canadian friend , the best part is when you take them out of the oven and they are still warm, you dip the top of them in a mixture of melted butter and lemon juice and then dip them in sugar....delicious.


  1. oh this has made me really hungry but we are snowed in so I can't go anywhere to buy muffins or ingredients so I shall just imagine how delicious these would be. I had forgotten about the moustache thing, such a great thing to do. Thanks again for all your fantastic comments, you are lovely.

  2. This muffin sounds divine. I like topping treatment. Never thought of lemon juice.

    One of the things I so enjoy about this Tea community is we get to share lots of interesting facts and happenings from other lands. This is a really worthy way to have a charity and get all men involved. And what a great way to end the month: tea and muffins. Happy Tea Tuesday, dear friend!

  3. Oh my goodness...blueberry muffins dipped in butter...lemon and sugar sound and look divine!

    How interesting about the moustaches...we have nothing like that in the US...yet anyway :)

    Happy T to you

  4. oo that sounds delicious...what a fun way to gain attention to men's health issues!! love it!

  5. What a funny thing to do! I imagine the beginning of the month is painful to watch as moustaches grown in in varying degrees of manliness :) ... The poor bloke who needs a bit of time .... Maybe he starts in October ;)

    And a blueberry muffin dipped in butter is a delightfully messy way to herald the shaving off of the thing!

    Happy Tuesday and happy day before December too!

  6. So delicious looking :) you can taste the lemon and sugar.

  7. yummo !!!! they look delicious Gayle. so pretty too love the colours ...I love the way you use colour in your work ... your cooking must be the same glamourous and colourful just like you ...hugs x

  8. Gorgeous Picture!
    I'm a new follower from Macro Friday! Love your photos!

    Amy's Life @


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