Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea On Tuesday.......COLOUR

Tea today is especially for my lovely fellow Tea on Tuesday participants in the Northern hemisphere who are living in a white and grey world at the moment. ( white and grey can definitely be beautiful too, but I hope my little splash of "brightness" will warm you up ) I know you spell colour with out the 'u' so just ignore the spelling. I'm having Green Tea with Mint out of beautiful Moroccan glasses I bought from my fave shop in Melbourne T2. ( have just got back from visiting my daughter) The colours are so deep and rich.Hope you are enjoying your tea where ever you are, and if you would like to join us for Tea on Tuesday visit Kimmie here.

The plates I am using for my tea today are designed by an artist from Western Australia called Anna Chandler. She does lamp shades, wall tiles and china. Her designs are Asian or Middle Eastern inspired, often with birds and flowers but always rich in colour.The plates came as a boxed set of 4, each with a different pattern.

Along with my Green Mint Tea, I am having a slice of Almond,Plum and Apricot cake. I have made this cake several times this summer as we have had an abundance of stone fruit. It's easy to make, is full of ground almonds, chopped walnuts and you can really use any fruit on the top. The fruit sort of sinks into the cake and its very moist and gooey in the middle.
Now I don,t really consider myself to be a " name dropping high end fashion consumer", but I do love colour and my friend Alison who works in fashion retail and is the best on-line bargain hunter found this wallet for me... oh ,I would have been happy with just the box !


  1. I love your tea cups, they are so pretty, do you have any mint in your garden? you can make your own mint tea so easily by just chucking it in the pot and adding water and sugar to taste once poured. Oh I love kate spade, lucky you! I find her stuff absolutely wonderful - someone gave me a little bag by here once, I love it. I like your cake too and yes, England is very grey at the moment and I am jealous of your sunshine.

  2. Hello,
    You hit, I really do not speak nor write in English very well ...

    Yes I could read your message by copying and pasting the google translator.
    I appreciate your kindness in the scrap
    is always welcome!

  3. I must remember that when I need a good dose of beautiful "colour" all I need to do is drop by and visit you! I love the green - it looks like emeralds - hot and cool at the same time! And your cake looks like a slice of summertime o me :)

    Hope your day is sweet and "colour"ful .... (I think we americans are just lazy and drop vowels here and there)

  4. This plate reminds me of some of the gorgeous papers I saw at the Chinese Market around Christmas. And your glass is beautiful, too. I am SO hungry now that I've visited your blog. I wish I had something that gooey for dessert, but there is nothing in Kansas (US of course) that begins to compare. And no photos that compare to yours, either. Happy Tea Tuesday.

  5. Wow! Beautiful cup and plates! I love color and can't seem to get enough of it! Would love to make that gooey cake! Yummy!

  6. oh but the kate spade is awsome, thanks for warming me up today!! we got 6" of new snow today so glad to know that there is warmth somewhere on the planet!! what gorgeous photos too, thanks for having tea!!

  7. What gorgeous table ware! And that cake sounds scrumptious!

  8. Those cups are gorgeous!! No doubt about it. Hope you had a wonderful day...

  9. Ooops....sorry...it's here!!!!!!


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