Sunday, September 8, 2013


life is in constant flux
nothing stays the same
the less you expect
the more pleasant life gets

Thanks for dropping by today. May you have the strength, the patience and the faith to deal with whatever changes are happening in your world.

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  1. A gorgeous picture of gum blossoms.Wishing you the very best too .

  2. Thankyou... life is filled with change.. I dont handle change very well, but I know it is inevitable.. I hope your week is wonderful too!

  3. I LOVE this.. And what a pretty photos. Your post today has me smiling...

    Thanks you~

  4. I am so excited about Spring that has finally arrived here by this just speaks to my heart at the moment! YAAAAAAAY! ;-)

  5. Oh what wise words Gayle - the less you expect the more pleasant life gets - so jolly true!!!


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