Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Journal Page

You know how all the journalling prompts you get say "talk about yourself, tell us who you are". Well, I don't know about you, but I struggle with this. I know all the obvious things....wife, mother, sister etc. but I can't SEE who I am....not like others see me. I feel like there is a barrier or a fence that the real, deeper me is behind. OMG, what does this mean ? Is there something wrong with me if I'm not "in touch" with my true and real self. Am I a fake person ? Oh no, do I need to see a shrink !
Too many questions !!
I know I'm happy.
I know I was extremely happy when I made this page, playing with ink, stamps, paint, gel medium and coloured pencils.

For the drawing and colouring of the face I've used Detwent INKTENSE coloured pencils.
Some texture across the bottom of the page using Gel Medium with an embossing folder pressed into it. 

Thank's for visiting today, have a wonderful and creative week, and if you too are searching for "who you are" I hope you find yourself.

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  1. a rainbow of beauty ... stunning art Gayle x

  2. Gorgeous journal page Gayle! Wow! Love all the color and detail! Pure eye candy!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous page! I love all the colors and the gel medium you used instead of paste!
    I don't talk much about myself either but I love to add a quote to my art journal page.

  4. how beautiful. Thank you for your words on my blog, they really helped and I really appreciated it. i was sorry to hear you had been down the awful path too but glad to see how you have coped and come out the other side

  5. This page is amazing and she does look happy, love the textures.. and who are we really?? Do any of us really take the time to ponder that question? I know I haven't, and if you were to ask me I would sit here in stunned silence thinking.. well who am i?? Who is different to what am i!!

  6. You post has me smiling because I can so relate. I took a class to find out who I was and what was my purpose. And It didn't help me at all. And that freaked me out even more. Finally I said "Who Cares". I am who I am. Lately I been thinking I'm a gypsy.. Hee Hee. You my friend are a Fabulous Artist. I LOVE your work.
    I do hope you have a happy week..


  7. Amazing work! I have Inktense pencils as well and just LOVE them. You have worked magic with yours!
    I always find it interesting when people tell you about yourself - how they see you. Sometimes, it is never how I expect and I have often been surprised (both in the negative and positive). Interesting.

  8. This is stunning! Love everything going on here.....looks so neat!

  9. Wow, you've got some crazy talent girl! And I think you know who you are, and THAT is what is important. Sometimes it's just hard to tell others :)

  10. I find this so inspirational Gayle. Those intense exciting colors are worked beautifully here. Very creative, makes me want to work on my art journal again. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. I think you are a wonderful artist! We get so caught up in all the other roles we have to play in life that sometimes we forget who we are. I know I put my kids first always & as a result they have their every need seen to & I will wait 6 months to deal with mine! I did my first art journal type page yesterday (will be up on the blog tomorrow) & I can see it will become addictive!


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