Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mixed Media Place........Are You Brave ?

Mixed Media Place is playing with our emotions. What does 'courage' mean to you?
To me courage means 'never giving up' ! No matter how broken, how beaten up, despondent, down and out and full of despair you may be, never give up ! But, it takes courage, a lot of courage, strength and determination to rise above and take on all of the challenges that  life will confront us with.
My photo of the old broken doll represents the struggles that we all face at times, and how we can feel "destroyed" or worthless or a situation seem hopeless.
I guess my page can seem a little "dark and gloomy", but courage is something we don't need when times are good. Courage is an emotion we have to draw on in our darkest and most challenging days to face and overcome the most difficult and hardest of times.
So, my page doesn't actually have a title and the words are pretty hard to read, but, my message is:
Never give up !   on yourself,   on caring,   on your dreams,    on peace,    on cancer,   
on love,    on equality,     on a better world.

I've used paper from Finnabair's 9th Wave Collection as well as paper napkin. There is of course stamping, embossing and stencilling. All colour is from Distress Inks and Stains.

Finnabair's metal mechanicals

Textures using Finnabair's "Threading" stamp and below her fabulous "checkered" stencil. I'm also loving using wire on my projects at the moment....I like the sharp, delicate lines it makes but also the strength and solidity it portrays.

Be brave, lets see what courage means to you. Come along for an emotional ride and play along with the challenge at Mixed Media Place this month. All the details are HERE.
Thanks for visiting today, sorry my post is a bit "dark and moody", so I will say goodbye on a lighter note. Saw this printed on a T-shirt....it's a slant on the Serenity prayer;
LORD, give me
to change the things I
can change, and
to accept the things I can't.
Have a great week
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  1. Wow Gayle this looks so awesome up close! Love all the work that you have put into it to make it such a meaningful and eyecatching piece!

  2. Gayle, I am REALLY loving your work! This is so RAW, and yet, SO, SO beautiful. I love very emotional pages and this one def struck a cord!. This is brilliant! BRAVO!

  3. wow Gayle, totally in awe of your creations, always so much emotion and depth , love this x

  4. Goodness me this is awesome.. totally mind blowing, full of expression.. deep, emotional..thought provoking too.. and courage is many things to many people.. and we dont know how much we have until we need it!!

  5. what a great work. all those details...

  6. Oh woow! This is AMAZING!!! Love it! The idea, every detail...<3

  7. Kotau! This is really brilliant! Real Art!
    xxx Evelyn


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