Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mixed Media Place.......Journal Page

For Mixed Media Place this month I've made an art journal page to highlight stamps. In the past stamps were pretty much always the domain of card makers, but now with the popularity of mixed media, stamps are used by every one. For scrapbooking we tend to keep them in the background, but for this journal page I'm using stamps as my focus. These Dina Wakley face stamps are very expressive. I have also used stamps from 3rd Eye and Finnabair's range. Most of the colour on these pages comes from Prima's Color Bloom spray mists, such beautiful rich and pure colours.

Gold Foil is my favourite....the photo below does not do justice to the intense gold shimmer that this product produces.

I have used a total of 5 different coloured mists on this tag. By not allowing each colour to properly dry before adding the next colour creates a soft, subtle, blended look....mmmm, maybe some people would say 'muddy', but it was an experiment that I liked the look of.

When the tag is flipped over the mood of the page has changed. I am almost to the point where I don't want to watch the news or open a news paper any more. The atrocities that are happening in so many places all over the world due to conflict just continues: and it breaks my heart.

The tears will never stop falling until the guns stop shooting.
I feel that this post is 'gloomy'. I don't apologise for it. My journal pages will always reflect my thoughts, my ideas, my emotions. The image this week of a little boy holding up a decapitated head and being told by his father that this is a good thing is beyond belief, but it's real.
In my 'lucky' part of the world life goes on. I'm fortunate and I'm thankful.
All stamps, mists and materials are from Mixed Media Place. For a full list of materials see HERE.

Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy what's left of this week. I am off to prepare for a little art adventure. Next week I'm heading HERE. I am nervous, I may be out of my depth, but very excited.

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  1. Oh wow.. how full of expression this is.. I love the face stamp.. and yes stamps are used all around the place now.. a good investment I made years ago in my favourite stamps and I still use them.. I do feel the mood change when you flipped the tag, and the fork like stamp just made me think of daggers in the heart.. the pain that I know I feel when I see the news sometimes too.. there has not been much good news lately on the media.. and any technique you try is never wasted, love the blending of the colors on your tag.. and I know the photo probably does not do the sheen from the sprays justice too.. take care..

  2. Your journal page looks fantastic, Gayle! You have such an amazing eye for design Love your color choices and your attention to detail! And of course the stamps you've used.

    Hope your day is going great!
    Gaby <3

  3. Your work is always so beautiful & meaningful! Somehow I missed this at MMP!! Glad I caught it here today :)


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