Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finnabair Creative Team...........Fragments.

I love working with faces......drawing them, painting them ( tho I'm not very good at this, but will keep practising ), collaging them, altering them, using them any way I can. My other love is I've gotten carried away with a face and some hexagons; along with some metal and beautiful Mica Powders.
This page was created for the Finnabair blog as part of her Creative Team.

Like this face I sometimes feel "fragmented", not 100 percent together.
The metal details were all gessoed first and then painted with Mica Powders mixed with a little water.
There is white crackle paste, gesso used through a stencil, stamping, embossing, Distress Stains and watercolour paint used. 3D gel medium has been used to stick every thing down.
A lot or the metal details are the key next to the mouth. I know I am too outspoken and I wish sometimes I could lock my lips shut !
More detail of how this page was put together can be found on the Finnabair blog HERE.

Mica Powders used to colour metal pieces. White Crackle Paste for texture. Chipboard coloured with Distress Stains and embossed with Aged Silver Embossing Enamel.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Wow! This takes my breath away and leaves me speechless.... Which is funny when you have the key near the mouth and you want to lock your mouth shut... I wish I could find the words to tell you how much I love this and how much I can relate to it too... Torn apart, dismembered and unorganised are thoughts I am having.. Have the hexagons, such a beautiful shape, all the elements, the shine, the,colors.. A masterpiece I could just sit here and look at.. In fact I think I will sit here for a few more moments after I post this comment and look some more... Brilliant creating...

  2. Hummm love those big jewels too.. Yes I am still here!

  3. I simply love each aspect of this - I could look at it for hours and still find something undiscovered. Love it. I saw it on Finn's blog so came over for another look.

  4. If this is you getting "Carried away", then you need to get carried away ALL THE TIME!!! This is one of the most stunning pieces I have seen in a very long time! My new absolute favourite in the WORLD!!! xxxx

  5. Gayle this is so beautiful and I love the emotions you are expressing....fantastic work! I LOVE the metal embossing and the treatment of the metal pieces, just amazing, always look forward to your work on Finn's blog Lisa xo

  6. From Finnabair & Friends at Facebook to Finn's blog, I wanted to see more so here I am again admiring your wonderful artwork Gayle. TFS lots of close-up pictures. Your expression is genuine and so adore the attention on each elements. Amazing creation Gayle; thank you for the inspiration! Hugs xx

  7. Gayle,

    I just discovered your work and wanted to express how much I like your style. My question is did you hand cut out the hexagon on chip board? That part just grabs me I love your eye for design it just draws you in. Well done!

  8. Gayle I love your blog! I found you by way of the Mixed Media Place and Finnabairs FB page. This piece is wonderful. I would love to have something like this hanging near my work area. I will definitely be returning to this blog to look and find inspiration. Absolutely Great Stuff!!!

  9. Gayle, I love your work you have inspired me to explore in a whole new way. I wondered what was the source for your gride. I looked everywhere for it and can not find it, also what is the scale of it. I found a die cut by
    Tim Holtz but it is really tiny. Thanks for sharing your art and inspiring us.


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