Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mixed Media Place....Creative Gym #8.....Drawing

I can't draw....said with hopeless resignation. So many people say this. I can't draw either, not like the 'Great Masters', say like Leonardo da Vinci or Raphael. Not even like two of my favourite artists, 

Del Kathryn Barton

Ola Liola

BUT, I can make marks on a page, I can draw lines and shapes, I can look at something and draw a line that represents what am looking at (copying), and so can we all. 
 I WANT to draw, I love the process, it doesn't matter how it looks in the end.
I'm talking about this because our next Creative Gym at Mixed Media Place is drawing or doodling, playing with pencils, pens or crayons.
You do not have to be "able" to draw, to draw !
Just have a go, and the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become with the process and,  you might even "enjoy it".
I love to draw eyes, so here is an art journal page with "eyes" as the focus and how I did them.

1) Lightly draw the eyes with pencil
2) Add some colour around the outside of the eyes.
3) Blacken in with pen or paint the darkest areas.
4) Use a white Posca Pen or white paint and draw eye lashes over the black areas.
5) Add more fine feathery eye lashes with a fine tip pen.
6) Finished eyes staring out of the page.
I used an image from a magazine to copy from for these eyes.

I added on some collaged elements, some doodling, some stamping and some hand writing.

Thanks for visiting, have a great week and next time you're sitting, doing nothing, pick up a pen, pencil, biro, crayon and just draw.
Visit Mixed Media Place HERE for some more "drawing" inspiration.
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  1. Oh wow! Love the eyes, so piecing! Love the doodling as well! Fabulous art pages! Thanks for the step by steps too!

  2. fabulous eyes! thanks for step by steps!

  3. Wow - amazing eyes - you are so very talented. I dare not enter - I can't even draw stick people!!

  4. No idea why but your creation really touches me... it's just BEAUTIFUL in every way Gayle. The colors are so pretty and I love that you left alot of white space. And the eyes... the eyes... the eyes... FABULOUS. j.


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