Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea and Jelly Cakes...........

The warm spring weather lately has made me think of Jelly Cakes and the near by Mount Compass bakery make fresh Jelly Cakes every Friday, so I bought some to have with my tea.
A Jelly Cake is basically little sponge cakes, dipped into half set, thickish ( consistency of egg white ) jelly and then filled with cream. When making them, the jelly of choice to use is Aeroplane Jelly, and just like Vegemite and Tim Tams, Aeroplane Jelly is an Australian icon.

It was first made by Adolphus Herbert Frederick Norman Appleroth, known as Bert Appleroth, in Sydneyin 1917. He made jelly crystals using gelatine and sugar in his bath tub. He first sold these jelly crystals door to door using his tram route to transport him around Sydney as he was a tram conductor. A company was formed in 1926 and as planes were considered new and exciting at that time and Appleroth was an aviation fanatic, he named the brand, Aeroplane Jelly.
         Over 19 million packets of Aeroplane Jelly are sold each year.
         Regular Raspberry flavour is the top seller.
         In 1953 the first low calorie jelly was made.
         In 1988, in honour of the Australian Bicentenary, jelly was made in special Australian flavours like, Lilly Pilly, Quandong and Midjinberry. These were phased out by 1992.
As a kid growing up in Australia in the 60's and 70's we all knew the words to the Aeroplane Jelly song....ah sweet memories.

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  1. Oh Gayle, you're such a tea...se. That looks so yummy.

  2. Oh this looks delish! I wish I had one of those jelly cakes now and a nice hot cup of tea too!

  3. ENJOY !!!!!! love the history lesson Gayle very informative and interesting ... hugz x

  4. oh thanks for the info.. i love the photos, the colors are so vivid.. and yummy looking cake!!!!

  5. love Jelly cakes, ohh might have to pop up to Mt compass for some as it's not to far away
    but do they do lattes

  6. I'm delighted that you had time to join us this week at Tea Tuesday. That Jelly Cake looks sinfully delicious. And your tea cup and tea pot are so colorful. Of course, the real joy is in your photos!

  7. yummy jelly cake and gorgeous teacup color!

  8. Those looks so yummy.. And your photo looks so bright and vibrant.

    I do hope your week is starting off well..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Love your post. I will have to try jelly cakes. Have a happy tea day.

  10. the jelly cakes looks yummy!!! Happy T to you!!!

  11. I just love your stories about Australia ... I will have to ask my husband if he's tried that before! I with I had known when we were there 3 years ago - I would love to try that .... I wonder if Jello is the same thing?

    Anyhow, thanks o much or sharing your special tea! And happy Tuesday on Wednesday ;)


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