Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea on Tuesday

This is my first time at Tea on Tuesday....well it is actually Wednesday here, but this is what I did yesterday. Goolwa is a small town very near to where I live and this cafe, the Aquacaf produces beautiful food and coffee. The coffee they use is about as local as we can get ( being rural south Australia ), obviously the beans are imported but they are roasted and blended at a small sea-side town about 250 kl south of here, called Robe. The name of the coffee is Mahalia and is very good. Of course you have to eat something with your coffee,so a small, gooy warm chocolate and almond cake went down a treat.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Butterfly Project

These are my butterflies made for the Holocaust Museum in Houston , Texas. They want 1.5 million hand made butterflies for an exhibition to remember the 1.5 million CHILDREN who perished during the Holocaust. If you would like to contribute and make a butterfly, click here or click on The Butterfly Project button on the side-bar.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Pretties:.................

I did a class at Seriously Scrapbooking on the week-end with teacher,artist and author Julie Neilson-Kelly. We made a little gilded and embossed initial, with a hand painted inter-woven flourish, set on an embossed background.It has a real Medieval feel and I just love the richness of colour and all the texture that's been created.

I was spending some "retail " time with my sister -in-law and was admiring the necklace being worn by the shop assistant in this gorgeous shop called Eclat in Adelaide. She pointed out to me that they had one of these necklaces in the shop:.............I procrastinated...................for about a second. It's made of semi-precious stones,silver and mother-of-pearl.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 More Dresses...... 5 To Go

Two more dresses for the Dress Up Challenge. This is my third one, and it's for July. ( I started late so am working my way back to January from September ). Any way this July winter coat is a bit weird and a bit scary; sort of the MATRIX meets LADY GA GA meets JOHN WAYNE, but I just had to use this amazing Anna Griffin crocodile print paper.

June Dress: My husband and daughter celebrate their birthdays on the same day; 21st. June:----- so this is party month and here is a party dress.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lets Get Shabby..

I have distressed, stamped,inked, cut, gold leafed, arranged and re-arranged (several times)and loved every minute of it........... it's always the journey, not the destination.

Lets Get Shabby, challenge #15. I'm having a go....... the theme is MUSIC. Love music , but it's not always about notes, beats and lyrics, ipods, itunes and cds: jazz, hip-hop, and opera. Sometimes music can be less obvious: ie the sound of a loved ones car arriving home after along journey, or a late night; joy to a parents' ears.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dress Ups

Here is my second creation for the "dress ups" challenge. This little coat is for August; it has been so cold and wet here in SA. I thought I would do a coat, complete with hood and a little black lace dress underneath. Only 7 dresses to make now to catch up.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dress Ups

I have taken the challenge ! At Alice and Camilla they are playing "dress ups": make a different dress each month; great fun; only problem for me is that I only discovered this site this month. So............. I have 8 dresses to make to catch up ! I have started with September and will work my way back to January......... maybe. Anyway here is my September creation, a flouncy, flowery ,spring dress. perfect for the spring racing carnival.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inspiration ......from India

Am being inspired by all things Indian at the moment. Friends who have been there tell me the impact on your senses is intense :-------- colours, sounds and smells so much brighter, louder and more pungent. I'm looking forward to the Commonwealth Games which are being televised from Delhi.

My daughter in an authentic sari, lent to her by her beautiful Indian dance teacher.

My little Indian inspired "mantra" book. Each page dedicated to a way of thinking or behaving that I will endeavour to aspire to. I remind myself of these things every day.This book is far from complete, I'm sure I can come up with more things I should be doing or thinking in order to be a "better" person; not that I'm bad and I don't aspire to ever be perfect ( that would be very dull ) but I know there is always room for improvement. I have used an assortment of papers, fibres, beads, paints, glimmer mist and inks to make this.

...........and this just made me smile