Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finnabair's Denim Journal

Who doesn't love journals ! I work more and more within a journal these days. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, different papers for different media uses. You can paint, draw, write, stick, collage and generally tell your story or express yourself any way you want in a journal. I think the "informality" of a journal, creates a more relaxed approach which in turn allows for more creative "freedom". There are no rules; it's your journal.

Denim reminds me of the 60's, and I'm an old hippy and this is exactly how I would have decorated my jeans back in the day.
This is a beautifully soft fabric journal with a number of different pages within it. There are denim pages, canvas pages, water color pages and a plastic sleeve.
I experimented first with a denim page and tried a number of different techniques......journals are perfect for experimenting in. Once you coat the denim with art basics Clear Gesso you can pretty much work with any medium on it.
1. Collage, 2. Embossing, 3. Image transfer, 4. Stamping, 5. Stencil with Gel medium and water soluble oil pastel, 6. Stencil with gel medium and acrylic paint, 7. Ink.
Added fibres and beads.
The cover is just the starting point for this little journal; there is so much more you can do inside. Check out Finn's blog HERE for more details on this project.
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