Saturday, March 4, 2017

Opal Magic Wax and the Colour Purple

The colour purple. It's not a colour I use a lot.
This project, a little 6"x 6" cradled wooden board, was going to be coloured in greens.
Plans change. Finnabair's new Opal Magic Waxes are neautral in the tin. A kind of white, creamy colour.
When you apply them to a black or dark surface they "magically" become a colour.
So, after painting all the metal embellishments with black gesso, I started rubbing on some wax, thinking it was Green Brocade, but it was Royal Robes, and it was beautiful.

You don't need a lot of art materials to create magic.........just some black gesso, a tin of Finnabair Opal Magic Wax and a tin of Metallique Wax.
Step by step tutorial and full list of materials used are on the Finnabair blog HERE.