Monday, January 28, 2013

Lets Get Shabby New Challenge

The first challenge for 2013 is up at Lets Get Shabby, with a "very shabby style" sketch for you to follow. Our blog has had a bit of "make-over" and now it's even easier to play along because we have employed "Mr. Linky"! We'd love you to "get your shabby on" know, florals, distressed, white washed, stained, stitched, curled, torn, romantic, splotches and dribbles and join in the challenge. If you click HERE you can get all the details and check out the inspiration from the other DT girls.
 Oh ! and we're also looking for some new Design Team members so, if you would like to be a part of our very friendly, easy going team and create one "shabbily beautiful" piece of work a month, please apply. All the details HERE.
The sketch inspired me to fold my page into 16 squares, that I then stitched and inked. I've used gesso on the background that has been softly coloured with teal and I've thrown a few tea bags at the page ( thank you Anna ) to get those lovely vintage "stains".
The photo: my daughter looking really bored or maybe just thoughtful.

Thanks for dropping by today. Hope the week ahead is a great one for you.

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Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm sharing with you today a page that was done specifically for, and was published in Scrapbooking Memories Magazine ( Vol 15 No 5 )
The photo is of my niece and 3 of her children having fun in the shallows at the beach. This is pretty much a standard activity for them, and, for most kids, in Australia during our long, hot, school holidays.
I've used all my favourite techniques........stamping, resist stamping, masking, watercolour and distress inks.

Thanks for visiting me today, it's Friday ( already ) and so I wish everyone a great weekend, and of course, if you're an Ausie, then have a wonderful Australia Day long weekend.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Peek at Paris

For the month of December last year I was in Europe. The first week was in Paris and what a dynamic, beautiful city it is. I took lots and lots of photos while I was away and will share a few from time to time. I'm aware that looking at other peoples holiday "snaps" is not always that interesting, so I hope you'll indulge me. :)
I loved Paris for many reasons, but one was the fact that there was a cafe or bar on every corner.

While having our first cafe breakfast in Paris, the couple next to us had finished, paid and left.......this gentleman took the table next to where they had been and proceeded to help himself to their left overs; baguette, butter and jam. Love it...waste not, want not. 

Thanks for dropping by. Hope your week's a good one.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zeus and Zoe............FOCUS

Sharing my second page for the Zeus and Zoe January "Word" Challenge.
My word for 2013 is FOCUS, and this page represents the "chaos and confusion" that can sometimes infiltrate our lives and cause us to be distracted, feel a little lost and unsure of our goals and make "focussing" really difficult.
Again, the page is made up entirely from the eclectic assortment of ephemera in my Zeus and Zoe kit. You can find similar in Marivic's wonderful Etsy Store.
We'd love you to join in our word challenge by creating a page using your special word for 2013. All the details on how to join in are HERE as well as a peek at the fantastic prize.

I hope you've all had a happy and productive week.  
 Have a great weekend every one.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Zeus and Zoe........January Challenge

The January Challenge at Zeus and Zoe is based on a word........your chosen word for 2013.
We'd love you to play along with us and all the details to do so are HERE, as well as a peek at the fabulous prize from Maja Design.
My chosen word is FOCUS. For a few members of my family this is a year where it's going to be very important to set goals, focus on only them and how to achieve them and not be distracted.
For myself, personally, I'm focussing on my family, my health and my art "my way".

My page is made up almost entirely from gorgeous "vintage" trinkets supplied to me in my Zeus and Zoe kit from Marivic Cliftons Etsy Store. If you are a fan of Finnabairs' (Anna Dabrowska) style then these kits, that can be made to order, are perfect. Zeus and Zoe are currently looking for new Design Team members, so if you enjoy working with beautiful and unusual vintage embellishments then I would encourage you to apply. All the details are below.

Zeus and Zoe Blog and Etsy shop is looking for enthusiastic, reliable, and friendly new DT members. We’re looking for Mixed Media artists, scrapbookers, card makers, or any crafters that would like to play with one-of-a-kind vintage items.
As a DT member you will be required to do 2 monthly projects. This term will start in March 2013 and will end in July 2013. You will be assigned certain days of the week every month in which you will post your completed projects on our blog. During your term, you are required to do 1 tutorial and host 1 monthly challenge.
You must have a blog and you must have good photography skills. You will also help us promote Zeus and Zoe blog and Etsy shop any way you can, as long as it is allowed, either on Facebook or scrapbook galleries.
As a compensation, you will receive kits from me containing vintage items worth a few hundred dollars. You will also receive 30% off discount on my etsy shops or any custom kits.
To be considered for this team. Send me at least 4 photos of your best projects, DT commitments past and present. Tell me something about yourself and why you would want to be considered for our design team. This call is open to anyone, international applicants are encouraged to apply.

Email to:
with all the information requested with the subject Zeus and Zoe DT CALL. If you have any further question, pls. don't hesitate to email me.
Applications must be received by January 27,2013.
Have a look around the blog and check out our DT projects.

Thanks so much for visiting today, wishing you all a creative week.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Time Flies..........

Medieval Astronomical Clock in Prague:      1410
Hello. Happy New Year !
I know it's been a long time.
Firstly, thank you to all those lovely friends who have followed my travels on Facebook and Instagram and left me comments to let me know that I had not been completely forgotten.
It's taken me a while to get out of holiday mode. As we missed Christmas and New Year at home, the days have been filled with a series of social and family "catch ups"and enjoying warm evenings outside sipping good Australian wine or Gin & Tonics........very different from the past month where it was dark at four o'clock and we'd be sipping Gluhwein to get warm.
I did have a bit of a wake up call last night tho, that I needed to get my life and house cleaned up and back in order....................
a spider crawled on me. In bed. It woke me up.
I didn't know it was a spider at the time, I just felt something crawling on my neck and imagined that's what a spider would feel like. It was dark and I was half asleep so I  just brushed at it. About five minutes later I felt it again crawling on my collar bone (that's really close to my face !), and this time I actually picked it up in my fingers (I picked up a spider!) and quickly flung it away from me.............
I turned on the lamp to see if it was on the floor near the bed. Nothing there. Told hubby "a spider was just crawling on me !"The response; again, 'nothing'.
Anyway, this morning as I was picking up some clothes on the chair next to my bed, there, on the cushion, was this "massive" (not exaggerating), fat bodied, spiky legged, jet black spider.............
this was the creature that had crawled on me during the night ! After I had disposed of it ( humanely), and looked at the cushion, I could see by it's well established web, that this spider had moved in around Christmas time and made itself at home.
 OK, time to dust off the cobwebs, do a thorough clean, turn the computer on and get back to a respectable, daily routine.
I have lots of photos to edit and share, and some creative projects to start. I've definitely been inspired by the beauty of Europe and the amazing cities we visited and stayed in.
Thank you so much for "coming back" to visit me.
Have a wonderful weekend.
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