Friday, December 18, 2015

Turn Paper Into Fabric....Finnabair CT

My december project for Finnabair's Creative Team involves pattern, layering and "illusion".
Finn has produced some truly beautiful small, textural, stamps.
Repeat stamping equals pattern. Do it on Bond paper then using Distress Stains, saturate it with colour. Scrunch it up, then partially dry it. This paper then looks and feels like fabric and can be moulded, folded and gathered just like fabric.
The full tutorial is HERE on Finnabair blog.

Thanks for visiting. Have a happy and creative weekend.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Finnabair CT.........Spread Your Wings Mixed Media Academy

Today it's about favourites. We all have, music, movies, books, seasons, materials. Choose your favourite art material and do something with it.This was the brief for this months SYWA. See what the other girls have chosen and their beautiful projects HERE on Finnabair's blog.
My favourite medium is art basics Soft Matte or Gloss Gel. It works as a glue, (perfect for collage, my favourite thing ) also as a binder to which you can add other materials like Mica Powder, it's a sealer and it works better than any other product to do image transfer.
 I love the process of image transfer and then the creative possibilities that this then opens up.
This journal page, with an image transfer of my favourite face, that of Frida Kahlo, was done using art basics Soft Matte Gel.
There is a more detailed step by step HERE on Finnabair's blog, but here you can see how well the image is transferred.....not perfect, but that is part of the beauty of this process.....I love the jagged, soft, smudgy edges.

 I received some criticism when I posted this journal page on my Instagram, telling me "Frida was overdone, move on, do something new." It made me a little sad.
 What is it
 about our "favourites" that we love so much...........they make us feel good, they make us happy, we feel comfortable with them, we trust them, our favourite things become a part of who we are.
Negativity will never, ever be one of my favourite things.
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