Monday, April 29, 2013

'Oh Happy Day' at Prima

No words, just pictures. Wanting to share my joy. Two pages featured last month for the Prima BAP and the Prima PPP 

Thanks for visiting, hope you have a great start to your week.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Lets Get Shabby.....Challenge #45

This months challenge at Lets Get Shabby is about CONFETTI. Create a LO, card or OTP project using confetti, it's such pretty stuff. I tried to find the the pastel, small confetti but could only get this large, brightly coloured one made of tissue. Get creative, see what you can come up with and play along. All the details are HERE

Well, it's Friday, the weekend is here, hug your loved ones and make something pretty.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Works in Progress

Hello. I feel as though it's been ages since I posted any work here in my "creative space", and my last post was a "whingy" one about people who couldn't be honest, sorry, I'm not going there again....just let me say there is no news of the missing journals. Thank you to those of you who left reassuring messages of hope.
I haven't been completely idle tho. Apart from helping one daughter relocate (oh how I hate moving !), I have been playing in my little studio and have done a couple of pages but am not quite ready to put them up yet, and some are still 'works in progress'. Mike and I are off on a little holiday this week to the Hunter Valley ( I have never been to this part of Australia before ) and while there I'm doing 2 Dina Wakley mixed media classes at Pages2Scrap, which I am really looking forward to. Any way, just to proove I have been busy, here is a peek at some current projects.

Thank you for visiting today. Have a wonderful week ahead, may there be more smiles than frowns.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Circle Journals.....Where Art Thou ?

This is a difficult post for me to do. I'm pretty laid-back, low profile, love the arty, scrappy world and just do my own thing; but something is bothering me.
Below are 2 pages I made for a journal that is now, sadly, missing in action somewhere.
About this time last year, one lovely lady hand made several blank journals and asked 9 Australian scrapbook/ mixed media artists if they would do 2 or 3 pages in each journal and pass ( or post ) it on to the next person on the list..........a Circle Journal. The idea being that at the beginning of each month you would receive a journal that had been worked in by one of the other girls, you then do your couple of pages in it and post it on. Not hard, a lot of fun and at the end we all have one journal each to keep that every one in the group has created a little bit of themselves in.
After doing about 3 journals, and with about 6 still to go, they all stopped.
No more journals arrived in my letter box, nor in some of the other girls I was in regular contact with. The sweet lady who started it all, of course sent out emails to everyone in the group trying to track them down, to no avail, they all seem to have vanished.
Really ????! No, they are in someones possession, maybe lost in their work room or studio somewhere, but no, someone from this group has them, or maybe a few girls have 1 or 2.
Please give them back or send the on, finished or not. I would be so excited if one arrived in my letter box next week! No questions asked. 
We all have "shit happen" in our lives and I know circumstances can change. To not be able to complete a page in the journal, or to not be able to continue to be involved is no big deal.
To keep these journals tho, and prevent the others in the group from completing and then receiving one is sad and disappointing. You have stolen from us. Not just in a material way, but you have destroyed the trust and faith that we all had in each other.
The art/scrapbooking/mixed media world in Australia is small, everyone knows everyone. If anyone out there knows where these "lost" journals might be, could you do whatever you think is a fair thing and get them moving again.

Thanks for visiting me today. Hope the coming week is full of creativity and lots of laughs.
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