Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tea On Tuesday

Before we have tea I have to share my joy of finally being able to pick blooms off my lilac bush, a small thing I know, but we planted this bush 6 years ago ! It has never had a flower on it........we have been in a drought for the past 5 years. This year we have had above average rains and this lilac is a mass of flowers, as is the whole garden. Here, in Australia we never, ever take the gift of water from above for granted, it is such a precious commodity.

Tea today is Russian Caravan and it is made in the 'happiest' tea pot ever. Happy for two reasons; 1. it is bright yellow with pretty sprigs of flowers all over it and is shaped a little bit like a pumpkin, it has a mesh container that holds the tea leaves that sits on the rim under the lid, so you don't need to use a strainer and is simple to clean and it pours beautifully, and 2. it was bought for me by my gorgeous daughter that lives in Melbourne who I don't get to see nearly enough of, but was home for a visit last weekend. She purchased it at the fabulous T2.
With my tea I'm having crumpets with Mulberry Jam, bought from the old, quaint and beautiful Currant Shed at Hoffmann's winery in McLaren Vale..........whole fat, juicy mulberries suspended in a sweet, luscious syrup. If you would like to share your tea on Tuesday with us visit Kimmies' blog.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous tea pot. I never knew what a crumpet was until now. They look a bit like an English Muffin.

    So glad to read you are finally getting some water in Australia. I know how precious water is there. It's something we in the States take for granted. I am glad to see the lovely lilacs that are in bloom as our autumn wears down. What a glorious thing to be able to enjoy spring through YOUR eyes. Lovely tea post today. Happy Tea Tuesday whatever day it is in your world.

  2. Yout Lilac is beautiful. We had several in our lovely garden when I was a child. We have had SO much rain over the past 48 hours - wish I could send you some !

  3. oh that mulberry jam sounds great and I love your teapot! I would like to have tea too now.

  4. Absolutely lovely tea in every way Gayle ... I can almost smell the lilacs from here in Virginia ;)
    Lucky you ... we are headed into much cooler weather here
    Dreaming of lilacs and crumpets!
    Happy T to you!

  5. The lilacs and tea pot are gorgeous, what a lovely post, happy day to you! Christen

  6. Happy tea today!,,, isn't it fun to think that it must be spring somewhere in the world nearly every day of the year!?!?

  7. Happy tea to you, Gayle!! love the colors on the teapot!!

  8. Your tea time snack looks so yummy! The lilacs were a breath of fresh air...all I see is bare trees and brown grass when I look out my window.


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