Friday, June 14, 2013

Pure Beauty

A short and random post today.
This morning I woke with the radio news telling me the horrific number of lives now lost in Syria: the financial woes of a once great and proud country that was Greece and the pathetic, nasty bickering that dominates our own politics here in Australia.
Indeed, it is a cold, wet, bleak and dreary Friday.
I then saw this pre view of a collaborative work with the Sydney Dance Company and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
It's called "Project Rameau"
There is still so much beauty in this world. It is always found in the 'arts'.
The music, the movement, the skill, the creativity.
Oh, how I love Rafael Bonachela and this brilliant dance company.

Thanks so much for dropping by.
Wishing you a great weekend, and hoping that you can all find 'beauty' some where in your life.
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  1. Thank you for sharing that amazing video ... how wonderful it would be to see it performed in person ... will you be able to go?

  2. Yes in the midst of the dark things that happen in our world, there is always some light and loveliness, and in dance and music and art one can find the most amazing soul lifting experience... and it is on these things we must dwell.. I have always had the utmost praise for anyone who can play an instrument or dance well... I hope we all get to dance like no one is watching this weekend!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. I believe for every negative story they put on the news they should have to put a positive story on. It really is such a downer to listen to the news. Thanks so much for sharing this video with us.


  4. Amazing beauty! IT's a travesty how the arts is so often the lowest paying of all trades yet provides the biggest benefits...

  5. In follow up, I e- mailed your video to a good friend who was a dancer in college. She loved it :)


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