Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mixed Media Place.........Emotions #5

This months "Emotional Challenge" at Mixed Media Place is JEALOUSY.

I love these challenges ! They really make you think hard; not just about the emotion, its definition and effects, but how to creatively portray the emotion. I find this a really exciting and challenging process that goes beyond traditional scrapbooking and is, what I would consider, "expressive art". This of course could be debated, but that's for another day. Check out the amazing work done by the DT HERE at Mixed Media Place, and the many different interpretations of this emotion.
For me, if someone is, sadly, consumed by jealousy, seriously wanting what another has, I see them as loosing the joy in their life, loosing all gratitude for what they have and becoming a grey and colourless person, growing a very black heart.
Of course I have chosen the female form, using a Balzar Designs stencil, as girls are always jealous of other pretty they are, their clothes, how popular etc.
I've used mixed media, inks, stamps and hand drawn images and traditional scrapbooking techniques like die cuts, layering and embellishments. 
All colour work has been done using Distress Inks.

The 'dark side"

At Mixed Media Place we would love to see, not just how you create, but how you think as well.
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today. Wishing you a fabulous creative weekend.
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  1. I love your depth of colour and the contrast of bright and dark. Beautiful colouring and mix of layers. Stunning work.

  2. Gayle this page is awesome, love the depth of all the colours with brights on one side and the darker ones on the other, very inspiring work...... love it

  3. Hi.. This is amazing.. I really love how you have shown the 2 sides, how jealousy can destroy and take life away.. the black heart oozing darkness.. the healthy heart red with passion and the colors of life around it.. Brilliant take on this emotion that can be so strong and destructive.. love it.. I will pop over and see what others have done.. I feel I am such a learner with the mm but I do love and appreciate what others create.. Have a good weekend!

  4. This is a very strong and artful interpretation of this emotion! I always love your way of implementation! You´re really an artist!
    xxx Evelyn

  5. Gayle this is much thought went into this creation! Love the darkness contrasted with the bright happy colors, what an incredible interpretation, just really love it. ;)

  6. An amazing layout my friend!! I have to say I'm a little jealous that I can't make art like you do!!! :)


  7. Wow again another awesome piece to admire.

  8. i think your work is utterly spectacular


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