Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PAPERdvizhnik New Challenge.........#42 Sketch

Hello. Sharing a page today made for the current challenge at PAPERdvizhnik.
I don't usually work from sketches. I tend to let the idea or the story in my head dictate the layout of my page.I've come to realise that this approach does not always work....too many ideas, thoughts and intentions going on in my head often results in too much happening on my page. It's still hard for me to know when to stop, and yet I look at some of my pages and think I haven't done enough, I should have added here in lies the skill of making the perfect page: the ability to add enough details to make a page interesting, dynamic, rich, original and full of clear intent as to what the story or idea is, but, at the same time being beautifully balanced, co-ordinated and full of perfectly executed techniques AND also possessing that little bit of "unique to the creator artiness or signature style" that sets it apart.
I am starting to ramble, and what all that relates to really is this sketch. I love it because it's simple. It leaves so much to interpretation and imagination.

But, what I have ended up with has not a lot to do with the beautiful, clean, crisp simplicity of lots of white space, 2 images and a splash of colour. I so admire the work of Louise Nelson and 
Dorota Dolega who epitomise this style of elegant, rich, artistic, simplicity.
To begin with, my background paper, the beautiful Nature Walk from 7 Dots Studio is so busy; what was I thinking ? I can tell you what I was thinking..."I love this paper and I have to use it and I'll just tone it down a bit with gesso".
 I'm not unhappy with my page, I think it's interesting, it tells the story, it has some nice colour "pops".
I'm just saying that my final page is so far removed from my original "idea" of the page I wanted to create....why did that happen, how did I get lost, what distracted me, why is it nothing like what I intended it to be ?
Is this not the essence of creativity tho...the "process", not the end result.
Image source Jimmy Brown.
If you are still here, reading, after all that analysing, then thank you. I'd be interested to know does this happen to you ? Is your final page what you intended? I know we all create in different ways, but what's more important to you; the process or the end result ?
Lots of stamping, embossing and texture paste....the usual stuff.
Would love to see your interpretation of this sketch. Details at paperDVIZHNIK
Thank you for visiting today. May whats left of your week be productive; as opposed to just being busy.
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  1. gorgeous LO! I have this case too: the result is different from the idea)))♥

  2. Wow that is an amazing take on that sketch.. It is so thought provoking and rich in details.. To be honest, I would not know how to start on the sketch like that with such a lot of white space, but I would probably just start with masking and stamping my back ground in readiness to add the 2 photos.. I really do enjoy the process, mostly.. hehe.. when it is working, but boy when it goes haywire it can be frustrating.. but gesso can be a saviour of sorts.. and yes the end result has to look pleasing... but then I have had times when I think.. is this finished? I walk away and come back and either put some more on it, or leave it.. there are no rules!! just a release of creative hormones that say.. lets do another page!!hehe!! Hope you are having a great day!

  3. Oh and very rarely do I know what the end result will be when I start a layout!

  4. Hi Gayle! Beautiful page as always!! I always have quite a set idea about what I want to create & set about doing it. It turns out as I imagined although I don't imagine every detail!! I love the process but fortunately I always love the results. I don't aim for perfection on my layouts though. (maybe that explains why they aren't as good as yours lololol!!!)

  5. Adooooore ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥your geat and amazing way Gayle !!!!

    This month, I'ven't time because I 'll go on holidays a long week at french sea ♥ ♥ ♥, but whe I can, I'll try to do like you, hugsssssssssssssss, Christiane

  6. WOW!! Your page has me smiling from ear to ear.. I LOVE seeing what you create my friend. When I used to make cards I know that they would almost never turn out how I had anticipated.. Sometimes they would look better other times not so much.. HOpe you are having a great weekend.

    Thanks for all the LOVE on IG..


  7. I'm totally in love with your page! (and my mum is a master doll maker!!!) wow that grungy chevron is is what you've done with it and the background. What a great subject idea to get down on paper.
    I NEVER know how my pages will turn out. I only ever start with an idea - photos come last. I know I'm not good at staying on track and I cant follow instruction - so tangents are inevitable and in the end - loved. I hope you love your page... I love it!

  8. Hi Gayle! So I loved this post so much that I book marked and came back to it several times. I LOVE your lo, and your description of what goes into a project was just perfect! You have an incredible eye and skill and your lo's are amazing pieces of art....I love the unknown...I generally have an idea at the start, but love it when something unexpected happens, I loved this post so much I blogged about it! I hope that's ok with you!? This sketch, your post and your page was very inspiring to me...hugs, Lisa


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