Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mixed Media Place.......Summer Music vol.1 - Freedom

The first of a series of music challenges at Mixed Media Place.
This song inspired me to create two faces, representing the other person we sometimes need, or are forced to be. I've let loose with my love of pattern using tissue, stamps and rub-ons. I have embossed pattern for texture and used watercolour to soften . The base paper and die-cut doilies are from Finnabair's beautiful 9th Wave Collection. I've also had some fun playing with latex masking fluid (see below ) and "empty" marker pens that you fill yourself with whatever you want.
Check out the Mixed Media Place for materials I used, to be inspired by the DT girls interpretation of this song AND how you can play along with this challenge and win yourself a prize from Finn"s shop.

Patterned applied with tissue, stamps and embossing.

Outline lips with rubber latex masking fluid, then you can add your colour with what ever medium you want, ink, paint stamps, texture etc. with out it going over the edges. This looks kind of gross here...........

Lips and eye lid coloured with a marker pen ( one that comes empty and you fill yourself with any ink or paint you want ) before being stamped.

Masking fluid around outside edge of eye brow first, then add colour, dry, then stamp, dry, then peel off masking fluid.

After stamping with black ink and making sure it's dry, use your finger to rub and roll off the yellow masking fluid. You can see where the stamp has gone "over the lines" of the eye brow shape and onto the masking fluid; when you peel this off, the excess stamped image comes away with the dried masking fluid and you are left with the sharp edge of the eye brow.
Not George Michael but my favourite band......hip-hop and art comment.

Thanks so much for visiting. May the music in your life sooth your soul and excite your creativity.
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  1. This is exceptional! I saw the first eye then the profile of the second face and closed eye and just was amazed. Stunning and so creative, you are very talented in creating this way. Love it lots!

  2. Sorry, that I didn´t write here such a long time, everything was so busy. Dear Gayle, this project is breathtaking!!! I always love your artwork and this one is a new favourite for me! When I saw it at Mixed Media Place, I wondered, how you did the colorwork, it looks so spectacular! Thank you for the tutorial! Have a nice week!
    xx Evelyn

  3. this is amazing art work, your should frame it, love the technique you have shown us, so wonderful

  4. Spectacular Gayle! just beautiful and so creative.....

  5. Amazing work! Thank you for sharing this technique. I loved seeing the process shots.

  6. Sigh!!! Such a spectacular piece of art work, one day I will get around to doing some art journal work in the mean time I will admire yours!!!

  7. so so beautiful! great art work!

  8. That song gave me a little chuckle...LOVE this piece Gayle. I have art masking fluid & have never touched it - I would love to use it as you have here.

  9. Jaw droppingly stunning! Thanks for sharing the colouring and stamping technique with process photos. I had wondered how you had coloured that painstakingly when I had seen this at MMP. Very cool!

  10. So beautiful and creative Gayle! Love all the rainbow of colors and your attention to detail! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Я очень долго все рассматривала.. Это - гениально! Я в восторге!


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