Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LINE......New task at paperDVIZHNIK #50

 Lines...they surround us, they contain us, they direct us, they are the foundation of all shapes. They can be simple and mean so much....the "flat line" on a heart monitor or they can be complex, like the lines beautifully created by nature, the veins in a leaf or the grain in a piece of wood.
Be creative and make "line" the dominant feature of your work.
All details and some beautiful inspiration can be found HERE at paperDVIZHNIK.

In essence my page is simple. Directional lines are the feature and they have been created using, dry embossing, stencilled gel medium, washi tape, a stamp and Sharpie pens.

Image transfer, water colour and Gelatos

There are also, in life, those invisible know, "the line drawn in the sand" or you have "over-stepped the mark" or you are at the "point of no return".........
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  1. Blooming marvellous Gayle! You are a true original!!!

  2. Spectacular, I had to come take a closer look!!

  3. This is stunning, really love the way the image just melts into the background.. the softness of the face against the harshness of your lines is exceptional.. wonderful take on the line challenge.. inspirational..

  4. Well I didn't think you could but you have taken your talent to a whole new level. WOW WOW WOW.
    You are amazing.

  5. Oh MY Word! Truly amazing Gayle!

  6. wow ... outstanding and full of texture, beauty and passion .. love x

  7. Just an exquisitely beautiful page Gayle, so very well done, what an amazing interpretation of the theme.....

  8. This is amazing. I LOVE seeing your work.. So much better seeing it on your blog. But the snips on IG get me by.


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