Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Don't Forget To Fly........And Goodbye

Have faith, let go and fly off into the deep blue yonder.
Take a risk, apply for that design team.........
Even when you think you don't have a chance in hell.
My last post as a Creative Team Member for Finnabair. 
What a ride.
What an honour.
What fun.
This experience has been the most positive thing, creatively, that could have ever happened to me.
 Thank you Anna.

Full details and a step by step of how this was made is HERE on the Finnabair blog.
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  1. What a creation!!!!! Amazing! Love it:)

  2. Gorgeous as always Gayle! So creative, unique and inspiring! I'm sad that it's your last post as a team member. I always enjoy your artwork!

  3. Wow this is exquisite! love the colors love the textures love the design.. and thanks for all the inspiration.. I think the best way to create is to be true to one self... Love your creations!

  4. Gayle, this final piece is spectacular!! This really touches my soul as it makes me think of the song by Tom Petty -RIP - Into The Great wide Open...
    Please continue with your gorgeous projects as I am always inspired by your work as I am sure others are!
    hugs and best wishes on whatever comes next!
    Jackie xx


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