Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meg's Garden "Style" and CSI Challenge...

It's good to be back. Two projects today that I absolutely loved creating, but both very different.
The first done for Meg's Garden using products from her online shop. Pretty much every thing on this page was supplied by Meg....all the papers, ribbons and flowers, pins and paper lace. You can find a detailed list of all the different papers and other pretties used, here on Meg's blog.
The page has a Victorian theme with a twist. I love the opulence of this era,ruffles, bows, flowers, chintz and velvet and have put these with a photo of my daughter from 2 years ago when she was a hair model for a national competition; I love the contrast of the extravagant old and the very slick new, but both so elegant.

"Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new"  Henry David Thoreau.

Beautiful Organza Lace Flower with Diamante

"Fashion is made to be unfashionable". Coco Chanel 

Beautiful silver and pearl Emperor Pin

This second project was done for the CSI Challenge. These are so much fun. There are basically 3 things you need to think about when creating your page......using all 5 colours, incorporating some of the evidence asked for and including the journalling in 1 of the styles suggested.

This is a photo of me aged about 4. I had a wonderful childhood, I can not recall one sad moment,but I'm sure there were some,but I feel very fortunate that I was loved and given lots of opportunities and am very thankful for that.
Now,having children of my own I think about the things I didn't do as a child and now regret; like learning an instrument, a language or how to sail a boat. The point I make is much should we push our children to become involved in different activities and experience new things? maybe the word "push" could be replaced with "encourage". I do know tho, that ultimately our children make their own choices whether we like them or not. 
My journalling is a reflective thought on my childhood. It reads:

I have begun to wonder, that, just like kites and swings, how high we fly in life often depends on who's pushing us and how many obstacles get in our way.

I've used a mix of paint and gesso over a mask for my background.

Incorporated string and kite elements.


  1. Gorgeous layouts Gayle. Love how you incorporated both old and new in Meg's Garden layout, and all those pretty elements.
    The 2nd layout is so cool, what a fantastic idea, really like it...

  2. Once again I am in AWE.. I just love your pages.. Love seeing all the layering you do. So many wonderful embellishment. And I love how you incorporated you photos.. VERY COOL!!

    Hugs, Linda

  3. Great work Gayle - glad you are back!! Woooow that Meg's Garden is going to be cutting into my scrappy budget BEEG time - everything on that page is just delectable!! And your daughter looks stunning. I love the contrast between photo and stash - genius...

  4. Your second layout is very thought provoking. I love that your pages are actually works of art with a purpose - unlike so many very pretty pieces out there that are meaningless. I had few opportunities as a child and as a result I encourage my children in everything. It is exhausting as they all have totally different hobbies and activities and there are four of them so 5 hours of my days are spent dealing with all that but as a result they are such a wonderfully diverse bunch each blossoming in their separate fortes.

  5. Wow! These are simply fabulous! Love both lo's...awesome!

  6. OMG!! Absolutely put so many beautiful details into your work yet you don't lose sight of the do you do it?
    I'm so glad I found your blog ;0)
    Loving your CSI creations too!

  7. Fabulously creative and very detailed and beautiful...

  8. Wow Gayle, love your Meg garden DT page, victorian fashions, such a great page :)
    all the details and layers, so much to look at , love it :)
    Love the girl in swing in you CSI page, gorgeous :)

  9. WOW Gayle LOVE both of your LO's. Your Meg's Garden page is gorgeous.. so many beautiful details and that photo is stunning!! ADORE the design of your CSI page.. so fun and funky and I love the reflective journaling!! :))

  10. Absolutely adore both of your pages, so very different from each other but both with the undeniably touched by Gayle magic so clearly visible! I have seen the frame that you used in your first page somewhere else, looks really so pretty - what brand is it?! Love the combo of rich opulence of the Meg's page combined with the fantastic photo of your DD. As to the second one for CSI, well we all know where it took you; the feature wall! and that proves its star quality I should say.


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