Friday, February 1, 2013

A Peek at Paris

Sharing some more 'snaps' of Paris. We were there during December, a month that was pretty cold and grey, but in my eyes, a backdrop that seemed to make any colour that was around 'pop'. From cafe chairs to the rich verdigris of sculptures to the vivid, sugary sweetness of macarons.

Well, the end of another week, AND the end of the first month ! Why does time seem to be going so quickly; am I really having that much fun ?!
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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  1. More amazing Paris pics. The chairs are lovely. I took loads of photos but they were all so ón the go'as we hardly got the chance to sit in cafes - and we were always sooooo cold!!!!

  2. these pics are just divine love the way you have captured the Paris mood xoxoox
    see you soon xoxo

  3. loving this photos of Paris, keep them coming :)

  4. Oh keep these pics coming. Makes me wish I was there.
    (And thank you for your I really do appreciate that they are all still here with me. When Emma left for school, I actually saw ahead to the kids leaving home and wonder how I could do it...I guess it creeps up on us but still, I cannot imagine it. I think it's great that the girls still go away with you though...I think the one thing we wish for is that our children will always be close to us to do those sort of you have me rambling on....:))

  5. Starting to backtrack your blog so I'll just enjoy these photos and comment as I go along. These photos really bring back so many wonderful memories of many a visit to la belle Paris! spent my honeymoon there back in the late 1980's. xoxo

  6. I am really enjoying seeing your photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with us...



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